The mantra is one of the most loved mantra in the community of Tantriks.This Durga mantra has power to provide you with a home and land. The mantra also provides success.

If you want to win over some particular person write his/her name and place it under the picture and speak out your wish. This Vashikaran Tantra can change your life.

This Durga Mantra must be chanted for a Wonderful and Happy New Year. Durga is most popular incarnation of Devi and one of main forms of Shakti in the Hindu pantheon.

This mantra is very effective & Sidh mantra of Durga. This mantra is chanted especially to get the grace of Devi Annaporana on the occassion of Navaratri days.

This mantra is very simple to chant and has the in-built quality to attract Goddess Durga in your life. Some sadhaka had used this mantra to manifest Goddess Durga.

Durga Saptashati Mantras are powerful & famous mantras to accomplish the tasks and to attract the particular desires in life. The mantras should be practiced on Navratri.

This Durgati Nashak Durga mantra just removes the bad luck from life. The mantra belongs to the Durga and is also known as Durgati Nashak Mahamaya mantra.

This Durga Mantra is chanted to open the doors of unexpected income sources that might not have been tapped. This Durga mantra also helps to attract the abundance.

Sahasraakshi means thousand eyes whereas SIddh Chandi means Chandi invoked and ready to provide fruits and goals to sadhak. A rare mantra capable of achieving any task.

The Argla Stotram is just considered the most beautiful prayers of Goddess Durga. In this wonderful Stotra, the sadhak or the devotee make some wishes before Devi.

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