Lakshmi mantra sadhna is for a Superb Business in a short period of time. Start From Friday with white dress & white seat. Place some rice in a Silver Plate.

If interested in sudden, legal gains (e.g. lottery or shares) this is the ritual for you. The Lakshmi mantra for windfall gains should be done with pure heart.

Lakshmi Sarvamangalya Prayog is a wonderful ritual for gaining wealth, property, vehicles, happy family life, position, fame-in other words all pleasures.

Lakshmi Prapati Hanuman Sadhna brings the auspicious grace of Lord Hanuman. The Sadhna has the power to bestow continuous Lakshmi or abundance in life.

shabar Lakshmi mantra is for increasing your income and profits in the business and also for getting a big hike in a job. The mantra is very simple to chant.

This Mantra for consistent Lakshmi is a simple, yet most potent Lakshmi mantra for money. Get More Riches Quickly. More Harmony in the family and enhanced business.

Lord Krishna is the eight incarnation of God Vishnu. Lord Krishna is the only avatar or incarnation of Supreme God Vishnu who is termed as purna or full incarnation.

This is one of the secret mantra which can let you win a lottery, jackpot and in gambling. However, one should always keep away from these kinds of activities.

This Indra mantra is practiced for increasing good luck energies and to have abundance of money. The mantra has been tested by many sadhakas and found to be effective.

You need money for every material comfort in life. This Lakshmi Kuber Mantra aligns you with the divine frequencies of abundance, prosperity and uniform cash flow.

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