Lord Ganpati is the Lord of "Beginnings". On the repeated requests of sadhaks some famous mantras of Ganpati and sadhnas have been listed here for their benefits.

This dwadash Naam stotram of Lord Ganesh removes problems and obstacles before doing any auspicious ceremony. Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles.

It is believed that this stotra provides results within six months. In one year, a person receives auspicious results. Lord Ganesha’s different names should be called out

This Ganesh lakshmi Stotram is a very powerful stotram to bring abundance in life. It is said that who practices this stotra everyday, the Lakshmi lives in his home.

This stotra was sung by Goddess Radha and is from Brahm Vaivarta Puran. This Radha krit Ganesh stotram is a tested stotram to get the divine grace of Lord Ganesha.

Rinhar Ganesh Stotra is a very powerful & effective hymn to be debt-free and it is believed that by chanting this stotra for one year any sadhak become rich like Kubera.

Ganesha Pancharatnam is the five Jewels in praise of Sri Ganesha. Those who read it with Devotion and this in the Early Morning Contemplating on Sri Ganeshvara in their Hearts will get Free from Diseases and Vices. Those who read it will get Good Spouses and Good Sons

यह अथर्वशीर्ष (अथर्ववेद का उपनिषद) है। इसका पाठ जो करता है, ब्रह्म को प्राप्त करने का अधिकारी हो जाता है। सब प्रकार के विघ्न उसके लिए बाधक नहीं होते।वह सब जगह सुख पाता है

Ganesh Ashtakam

Sep 16th, 2018

Ganesh Ashtakam is a pious prayer for Lord Ganesh. The Ganesh Ashtakam describes about the resemblance, surroundings and qualities of son of Lord Shiva.

Rinharta Ganesh Stotram is rare prayer addressed to Ganesha to remove one"s debts. The prayer tells that all other Gods got their power by worshipping Ganesha.

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