Mantra For Better Eyesight

नेत्र ज्यती वर्धक मंत्र 


Surya Mantra For Better Eyesight

This is the Lord Surya mantra for a Better Eyesight. This mantra also generate the powerful magnetism in you. The mantra helps to develop a better personality.  By chanting of this mantra you get better health and increased longevity. The mantra makes you famous and you get love in your social circle. You also get Increased reputation and love in family.


How To Chant The Surya Mantra For Better Eyesight

  • Recite 108 times by visualizing lord Sun every Sunday.
  • Use Energized Sphatik Mala for this purpose.
  • Practice fast on Sunday.
  • Take your meals only after giving ‘arghya’ i.e water to lord Sun.

Surya Mantra For Better Eyesight

ऊँ ह्रीं घृणि सूर्या: आदित्या: ह्रीं ऊँ 

  Om  hreem Ghreenii surya aditya hreem om

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Published on Sep 8th, 2013

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