Kuber Lakshmi Yantra

प्राण प्रतिष्ठित कुबेर लक्ष्मी यन्त्र 

Kubera is the lord of prosperity, wealth and hidden treasures. Kubera is the God of yakshas and Kinnaras. Kubera is a devotee of Lord Shiva and has the blessings of all the wealth in this world. Kubhera is the son of sage Visravas and a Yaksha lady called Ilavidha .The same Visravas  through a Rakshasi became the father of Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Vibheeshana and Soorpanakha.


Kubera is the guardian of the northern direction and also the God of wealth  and is the owned  of Nava nidhis (The fabled nine treasures). It seems Lord Balaji of Thirupathi is supposed to have borrowed money for his marriage from Kubera and even today his debt is being repaid to him by the devotees on behalf of Balaji. In the north on the Deepavali day Kubera is worshipped along with Goddess Lakshmi. 


Mahalakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity and fortune. She is said to bring good luck in life. Mahalakshmi is capable of removing poverty from life and bestowing wealth and prosperity upon a Sadhak. Due to Her blessing one has all round success in business. One gets a job if one so desires and one even gets promotions in jobs.


Benefits of Kuber Lakshmi Yantra

  • Kuber Lakshmi Yantra is used to attract abundance and prosperity in life.
  • Kuber Lakshmi Yantra is used to remove all the obstacles and blockages in the life.
  • Kuber Lakshmi Yantra is used for promotion and growth.
  • Kuber Lakshmi Yantra is used to get unexpected results in stock market and gambling.
  • Kuber Lakshmi Yantra is used to get surplus benefit in real estate sector.

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Published on Sep 21st, 2020

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