Homeopathy and Astrology

Homeopathy and Astrology

All good and bad results can be predicted by the Science of Astrology from the birth chart prepared on the basis of birth-time. It is not impossible to have prior knowledge of coming evils befalling a native from the calculations based on planets and their positions in the constellations. 


There are nine planets including Rahu and Ketu, 12 Rasis from Aries onwards and 12 months in a year. The Sun stays in a Rasi for a month or so. The Rasis rule over the brain and nervous system, tonsils, lungs, digestive organs, heart, intestines, excretory organs, bones and joints, blood, legs and extremities. 


When a planet is posited in a particular Rasi, the part of the body represented by it is strong or afflicted depending upon the nature of the planet and its effect in that Rasi. Diseases are caused by the habits of a person and Astrology can answer all such problems. 

For example if Saturn is in an adverse house in Lagna and in bad association or aspect, the person suffers from headache. Mars in the 8th house indicates piles. Saturn in the 5th house gives stomach trouble and Vayuroga. Ketu in the 7th house indicates stone in bladder or kidneys and bodily pains. In this way a diagnosis of diseases is quite possible. 

In the Homeopathic system, according to its discoverer “poison kills poison” is the basic principle. If a normal person is given a certain dose of medicine for a certain period, the symptoms of a particular disease appear on his body. From Astrology we can know beforehand the various diseases caused by planets according to their placements in the birth chart. 

As there are 12 Rasis and 12 months, there are also 12 basic salts in Homeopathy. For one born in a particular month in a particular Janma Rasi, the basic salt represented by the Rasi has a bearing on that person. It is also known that certain medicines are effective for persons born in a particular tithi. Much research in this direction is necessary to correlate Homeopathy and Astrology in the diagnosis and cure of diseases. 


However, the following are suggestions and may be tried for the effective cure of diseases for persons born in various periods.

Homeopathic Suggestions For Persons born between dates & Salts 

  • 21st March to 20th April - Calcaria Phos
  • 21st April to 20th May - Natrum Sulph
  • 21st May to 20th June - Kali Mur
  • 21st June to 20th July - Calcaria Flour
  • 21st July to 21st August - Magnesium Phos
  • 21st August to 23rd September - Kali Phos
  • 24th September to 23rd October - Kali Sulph
  • 24th October to 22nd November - Calcaria Sulph
  • 23rd November to 20th December - Silicia
  • 21st December to 19th January - Natrum Phos
  • 20th January to 18th February - Natrum Mur
  • 20th February to 20th March - Ferrum Phos

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Published on Sep 2nd, 2013

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