Hanuman Shabar Raksha Mantra

हनुमान शाबर रक्षा  मंत्र 

Hanuman Shabar Mantra


This Shabar Mantra is very famous amidst the community of Tantriks. The mantra is very useful for physical protection from all natural perils, animals, robbers, thunderbolt, reptiles and weapons. The mantra is useful in critical conditions. Moreover, the shabr mantra is very effective and Simple.


How To Chant The Hanuman Shabar Mantra

  • The Siddhi [mastery]  the mantra has to be acquired on the day of the Solar Eclipse by reciting mantra continuously for 1000 times. 
  • After that whenever you feel that you are in danger of any kind, be it physical or from evil energies, you have to recite the mantra 3 times and throw your Breath on your body.
  • It is said that doing this ensures total protection.

Hanuman Shabar Mantra

ऊँ नम: वज्र का कोठा जिसमे पिंड हमारो पेठा
ईश्वर कुन्जी ब्रह्मा का ताला
मेरे आठों धाम का यती हनुमंत रखवाला

Om Namah Vajra ka Kotha jisme pind hamaro petha Ishwar kunji Brahmaa ka talaa Mere aathon dham ka yati hanumant rakhwala

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Published on Sep 7th, 2013

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