Saraswati Deeksha Experience


I had taken Saraswati Diksha on 24/1/2015(Saraswati Puja) From Guruji. The Mantra Given by Guruji was related to Devi Nila Saraswati. That Diksha had given me the clarity about many major aspects of my life. I believe this Diksha has given me the ability to control my thoughts and ability the see-through illusions.


Goddess Saraswati gives you the eye and intelligence to see your near future and greater understanding of your past actions. She also softens your voice and add sweetness to it.

In my case I wished for clarity about Siddha Traditions, I mean I wanted to know the Facts and Truths about Siddhas and What are they. That was my Sankalp will write my experience and Understandings below.


Top 3 Concepts of Siddha Tradition




In Modern Culture We all call it the 3rd Eye. There are many misconceptions about this Shiva Netra concept, people think 3rd eye gives them the ability to see distant object, read people minds and many more. These abilities have nothing to do with Shiva Netra, these abilities are Sensory skill. Even Dogs, Cats and sea creatures have it in them. We all have these animal instincts, we lost it because we don't push ourselves or challenge our limits. Luxury and comfort kill our abilities.


SHIVANETRA is situated on our forehead, it appears as swelling on our forehead, so yogis use Turmeric paste on it to hide it because it looks odd. Some yogis learn to hide it naturally by controlling their Forehead muscles. Any way when it is opened for the first time you will see lights everywhere. You will be filled with light. Its Purpose is to show you the things as they are, not as you want them to be. It means you will see things as flat.


The entire world will look like a movie screen where people and objects will look like images. It is difficult to explain. Many Yogis choose to be silent about this, because there is nothing to say about the world, the whole world is an illusion in front of this Eye. This Eye tells you this "Reality doesn't exist."


Our BAIRAGYA strengthen our Shivanetra. It is very Rare to see a Yogi, whose Shiva Netra is fully opened. Because those people are like lord Shiva, they don't want anything from anybody at any level. OPENING OF SHIVANETRA IS A LIFE LONG PROCESS, THE MORE WE MOVE FORWARD IN LIFE THE MORE IT OPENS.


Many Highly successful politicians, Defense personals and millionaires also have partial awakening of Shivanetra. That's why they bet everything fearlessly for their goals. Shivanetra opening makes you fearless, you will die and kill like it’s a game of light.


Drugs and Alcohol also awakens Shivanetra, but temporarily. That's why many monks and business people take Psychedelics. Many Yogis and Gurus die of cancer, only because they try to help their disciples by using this Shivanetra. When they use their Will Power to over use it, their body burns like hell. It is very painful.


I was truly terrified when partial awakening of Shiva netra happened in me for the 1st time. It’s like the feeling " I am going to die now and that infamous Jada samadhi happened ". Guruji Motilalji Scolded me heavily on phone so I stopped moving in this Moksha direction and I started focusing on Apsara and Yakshini Sadhanas. Guruji Motilalji advised me to don't move faster, in fact go slow and enjoy life intelligently.




In Japan it is called Hara Centre, In China it is called Dantian. Some Yogis call it Shivashakti chakra. The High energy state we all experience is only because of this Harihara chakra. This is our life. People whose Harihara chakra is strong they are always full of energy. It is situated 2 inches below naval. Every martial artist, yogi know about this. There are 1000 different ways to strengthen it.


In Siddha tradition Kirat kumbhak, Mantra and Shaktipat is done to strengthen it. Shaktipaat is most important because guru share his energy and intelligence directly to his/her disciple. Kirat kumbhak is the No.1 technique of this planet to strengthen Hara centre. But Few Teacher exist and they are very moody and choosy. I was Given Kirat kumbhak kriya because my ancestors had access to it.


Practice, Practice and Practice is the key. People dedicate 12 hours a day for this Harihara chakra. Have you seen some people who can work 20 hours a day without sleep, this is the power of Harihara chakra.




 This is the most important concept. This is also known as Guru Pranidhanam, it means "it is not my body it is my gurus’ body". Visualize your guru in your body during sadhana. All his knowledge will be yours; all his experiences will be yours. This is the reason why some disciples progress faster than the other. Your Growth will be faster when you visualize your guru in all your activity.


It’s the Saraswati Diksha that forced me face these experiences on my journey. I am still that dumb person; I know nothing about life. It’s not humility, it’s a fact. I am really a fool who have just met remarkable people and try to practice their teachings.


Jai Siddhashram

With Love,

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Published on Jun 3rd, 2020

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