Surya Grahan Shabar Anushthan

सूर्य ग्रहण -  शाबर अनुष्ठान 

Shabar Anushthan Tantra

Surya Grahan


Surya Grahan is an event which involves four celestial bodies: the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and Planet Rahu. A Surya Grahan occurs when the Moon and Rahu passes between the Earth and the Sun, blocking all or a portion of the Sun. Surya Grahan can be total, partial, or annular. Surya Grahan has great significance in Hindu mythology.


It is considered one of the auspicious time to attain the mastery on mantras & Tantras. Various rituals have been invented by the great Seers to help the human kind to manifest a better future.


Shabar Anushthan Tantra


Shabar mantras are simple and easy mantras. Shabar mantras are not in typical Sanskrit language. These mantras are generally found in rural Indian languages. The Sahabar mantras were brought into existence by Guru Gorakhnath as he is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva.


Shabar mantras are quite different from Vedic and Sanskrit Mantras. Shabar mantras are not cursed and are very effective in Kaliyuga. Shabar mantras work only on one principle and that is swear of Guru, Gods and Goddesses and other loved one of the particular deity.


The procedure of doing the shabar mantra is very simple. Guruji would perform Shabar Anushthan for the success and prosperity for the disciples. Shabar Diksha will also be provided with this Surya Grahan Anushthan. You will get the recording of the Ritual with Shabar Mantras.


Procedure to Join the Shabar Anushthan


  • You can join the Shabar Anushthan and can send your ‘Sankalp’ with your name and father’s name plus location.
  • Your name and sankalp will be pronounced while doing the Shabar Anushthan . The duration of the Yagya will be 1-2 hours.
  • A brief audio recording of Shabar Anushthan with Mantras & Ashirvaad by Guruji will be sent to you.

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Published on Dec 24th, 2019

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