Yakshini Mantra Sidhi

चन्द्रिका यक्षिणी साधना मंत्र


Chandika Yakshini Sadhana

Yakshini is a super natural being that falls in the category of celestial musicians. Yakshini is a bestower of bliss, abundance and all material comforts. Yakshini can provide a sadhak everlasing youth and pleasures.


Yakshini is very amiable and gentle in her appearance and remains with the sadhak throughout his life. Yakshini pours all of her love and care to the sadhak. After siddhi of the Yakshini the sadhak gets a glowing face, vigour and rejuvenation of physical aspects.


One of the most beautiful and gentle in all the Yakshinis is Chandrika Yakshini. Her face glows like a full moon. Her physical appearance is bright and white. It is believed that no other creature in the world has the tone of her skin. She radiates happiness and joy.


Yakshini sadhana is very simple to perform like Apsara sadhan and has very liitle dangers in it. It is advisable to receive Yakshini Deeksha before attempting the sadhana from a competent Guru.


How to Perform the Chandika Yakshini Sadhana

  • The Chandika Yakshini Sadhana can be started on a no moon night in an isolated place.
  • The sadhak should wear Red clothes facing north.
  • Lit an oil lamp and worship the Guru for the success in mantra sadhana.
  • Take some rice grains and throw these in all 10 directions with Raksha mantra or Kavach.
  • Worship the Yakshini Vigraha with vermilion, incense and flowers.
  • Spray some natural perfume or Itra on your body.
  • Take some water and perform the 'Sankalp' for her appearance.
  • Chant 51 mala of this mantra in one night with Yakshini Mala.

Chandrika Yakshini Sadhana Mantra

ॐ ह्रीं चंद्रिके आगच्छ इच्छितं साधय ह्रीं ॐ फट 

Om Hreem Chandrike Aagacchh Icchhitam Sadhay Hreem Om Phat

The sadhak must not lose nerve if he hears any disturbing noise, footsteps, fragrance and tinkling of anklets near him. The sadhak should not look back if he feels any touch on his shoulder or body. He should continue the mantra chants till the completion of sadhana.The Yakshini can appear in any night of the sadhana.

The sadhak should take promise from the Yakshini to accompany him for the whole life. The Yakshini Vighrah and mala should be dispersed in the river. The sadhak should not reveal the fact of Sidhi except his Guru. Failed to do so, Yakshini would disappear and the sadhak will have to repeat the process again.

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Published on Nov 28th, 2019

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