My Experience of Apsara Sadhana

अप्सरा साधना के अनुभव 

experience apsara


Pranam Guruji Motilalji
Pranam Guruji Sumitji
Jai Siddhasram
Jai Guru Parampara!


Before writing this article I bow to all guru and guruma of our 50000 year old guru parampara.


This is my experience and article about Sri Urvasi Apsara sadhaa. In this article I will clarify many doubts of my brother disciples and sadhakas.


Guruji Motilal ji always talks telepathically with his dedicated disciples and guides them.The best advice I received is "Experience (anubhav) is not siddhi." He had created tremendous curiosity in me to understand the impact of apsaras on our planet before the Mahabharata war.


Apsaras are not divine beings they are a race like us humans. In fact there is no such thing as divine beings. After the Mahabharata war we lost many connections with their race. They are goddesses of their own style and ways.


We highly underestimate their power and some stupid people think they are tools of pleasure. In this article I will clarify how stupid we human are. I will explain their powers,the physical body, their mindset, sexuality and our connection to them.


Physical Appearance of Apsara


An apsara is at least 9 feet tall, they have high energy like a leader or yogi. Their body radiate terrific energy. They don't wear clothes on their upper body, just bare open.Their skin is chalk white and ear is long. Eyes are navy blue. When they come sit in our sadhana place, we look like babies in front of them.


Apsara Mindset


They love to dance and they express their energy by dance. Dance is their yogic sadhana. They connects with nature by dance. They possess all 8 siddhi. They don't want or like Nirvana or Mukti. They love to enjoy life as a blissful devotees of divine mother.


For them everything is dance of energy. From ages unknown they teach people the way of devi. Their teachings have tremendous influence in bhakti yoga,Sufism and tantra. 


Concept of Apsara Sexuality


This is the biggest misunderstood area. Apsara don't do sex with any human. Those people who think apsaras are having sex with them are just trapped in the illusions. An apsara only do sex to create an offspring, they teach sadhakas how to maintain celibacy and use that energy to create a blissful and powerful life.


Sage viswamitra and some other kings, rishis who were married to apsaras are adept in Mahima siddhi(Ability to expand bones and muscles). So they were able to marry and create child. Ordinary Humans can not do that.


Illusions and delusions


Stage-1)Apsara sadhana is an energetic sadhana so people experiences beautiful women in their dreams and satisfy their sexual fantasies. Well Apsara create illusions for your enjoyment in dream. It is just a strong hypnosis by them to relax our desires.


Stage-2)After many days or months of effort a sadhaka starts experiencing a female entity near him. That woman is exactly the same height of sadhaka and very beautiful. You will feel like this is the woman you dreamed of.


People also do sex with that woman and talk chat interact. They call them Premikas or lover. This is also a trap by that apsara,she creates an illusion as per your demands. Most people satisfy here and enjoy this illusion till the end of their life. They get financial and emotional support and anti aging(kaya kalpa) tips from those illusions.


Stage-3)This is for genuine and disciplined humans whose only goal is to become a deva(deity). Without the grace of devi and siddhasram nobody can touch this stage. Here you see genuine techniques and vidyas offered by apsaras.


Here you see their real forms. It took me 3 years of continuous sadhana,self enquiry and too much pain to reach this stage. But I still cannot tolerate the energy of her presence. I have met many high energy humans and yakshas but she is so above.

So I treat her as my GURUMATA. Their language is very hard for my brain too. She has all 8 siddhi with control over those abilities like its a game. They appear in anyplace physically on full moon days. But they have their protocols and rules like we humans.


Most people who get golds or ratnas get in this stage,those apsaras just materialise these objects near them and give it to them with some helpful advice(like what to do,what not to do). 

Ignoring their advices is like disrespecting them. So please don't do this. People eho do this and suffer the consequences.


Our connections with Apsara


Apsaras are great teacher and healers. They also teach you to stand alone and free. I call them goddesses of freedom. Deha sudhi(pure body),bichar sudhi(clarity) and bhaba sudhi(positive emotions) are the 3 most important part of our living.


You can't imagine how weak we are compared to our high energy ancestor. No freedom no clarity- No clarity No energy. Apsaras shows everything. The apsara I am connected with is 350 years old with a daughter. They live too long and explore more about life.


According to her our human body is designed to live more than 500 years. But our way of living is so poor standard and negative that we die before 100. But it can be changed by the help of these goddesses. I hope this article is helpful. I have very little knowledge about those mysterious goddesses,but I just tried to write with her support.


I found my Gurumata in goddess Urvasi, she is my sadguru. I have never seen any human as energetic, wise and powerful as her. Perhaps she is a form of Sri Sri Lalita. I really don't know, I just enjoy her teachings.


Thank you for reading.
Jai siddhasram.
Jai Guruparampara.

Biswajit Mishra

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Published on Oct 9th, 2019

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