Kanakdhaara Yantra Energized

कनकधारा यन्त्र प्राण प्रतिष्ठित 


KanakDhara Yantra


Kanak means Lakshmi with her golden bright aura and Dhaara means flow. Kanakdhaara yantra is simply the form of Suvarna Lakshmi. Kanakdhaara yantra is a divine medium to obtain the belssings and grace of Goddess Mahalakshmi.


KanakDhara Yantra is considered as powerful and auspicious as it provides quick success and abundance. This KanakDhara Yantra is installed in order to beget the blessings of Goddess Mahalakshmi, to beget wealth, fortunes, and to be be granted boons as well as to alleviate misfortunes, suffering, and poverty.


The KanakDhara Yantra is a symbolic representation of the beauty, personality, power and graciousness of Goddess Lakshmi. KanakDhara Yantra is enrergized with Kanakdhaara mantras, Kanakdhaara stotra and mysterious Sahasar Rupini Sidh Mahalakshmi mantras.


KanakDhara Yantra is a tool for material and spiritual wealth. KanakDhara Yantra is highely sensitive and has very magnificent magnetic powers inherited in it.


Benefits of KanakDhara Yantra

  • KanakDhara Yantra is worshipped to get the blessings of Lord Ganpati and Goddess Lakshmi.
  • KanakDhara Yantra is worshipped is to get success in business and profession.
  • KanakDhara Yantra is worshipped to increase the sales and productivity.
  • KanakDhara Yantra is worshipped for harmonious relationships in the enterprise.
  • KanakDhara Yantra is worshipped to accumulate more money.

How The KanakDhara Yantra is Energized

KanakDhara Yantra is a remedy to remove the poverty, bad karmas and negativity. KanakDhara Yantra is energized with Mahalakshmi Beej Mantra, Kanakdhaara Mantra, Kanakdhara Stotram, Mahlakshmi Gayatri Mantra and Sahasar Rupini Sidh Lakshmi Mantras and mantras not mentioned in the religious scriptures. The KanakDhara Yantra is energized by Yantra Sanskar on special days. The Yantra Sanskar includes Bhut Shudhi, Yantra utkeelan, Aavahan of Deities and chanting of various Mantras.

KanakDhara Yantra should be installed in an appropriate direction and in a suitable place. KanakDhara Yantra makes a great divine impact nearby. KanakDhara Yantra has the divine ability to energize the place where it is placed. One can install the KanakDhara Yantra in the temple or puja room if doing any mantra sadhna or it can be installed near the entrance of your home, shop, office, business premises or in your living room.

The power of Yantra amplifies if the sadhak chants the Kanakdhara Mantra and Kankdhara Stotram consistently. The Yantra is enrgized after chanting of particular mantras, stotras and Nyas for 60 days.

Different Variations of Energized KanakDhara Yantra

Pran Pratishtith or Energized KanakDhara Yantra(Normal Edition)
Pran Pratishtith or Energized KanakDhara Yantra with 21000 specialized Japa and Specialized Puja (Special Energized Edition)


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Published on Oct 8th, 2019

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