Ganesh 108 Names

गणेश 108 नाम


Ganesh 108 Names

Lord Ganpati is the Lord of obstacles, prosperity and affluence. Lord Ganpati is the Lord of "Beginnings". Ganesha is invoked for success in any endeavour. Ganesh is the vighanharta and he also places obstacles in the path of those who need to be checked. 


Worshipping Lord Ganesha with 108 names bring wisdom, prosperity in your life and make tasks happens without hurdles. He is worshipped first whenever any auspicious ceremony or event happens so that it gets completed without any hurdle.


Wisdom is indeed very important in our life. We can win a battle or lose one because of the thinking that is required in that particular time.


Ganapathi 108 Names is chanted at the beginning of any important venture. It includes the start of to get rid of obstacles to victory and development, new businesses, to gain support of nature for finding a soul mate, for improving concord in married life or for having children.


Before starting any new project or something anew, Ganesha pujan is necessary. If someone is vexed from losses, when opening a new industry or business, when someone is getting married, or to get rid of obstacles one should chant the Ganapathi 108 Names to achieve their wishes.


Benefits Ganesh 108 Names


  • 108 Names of Ganesha is a must for siddhi of Ganpati mantra sadhna.
  • Lord Ganpati 108 NAMES  provides the wisdom & integrity to handle the situations thereby removing any hurdles blocking the flow of our life.
  • 108 Names of Ganesha provides success in routine activities.
  • 108 Names of Ganesha brings success and enlightenment.

Ganesh 108 Names

ॐ विनायकाय नमः ।

ॐ गौरीपुत्राय  नमः ।

ॐ स्कन्दाग्रजाय नमः ।

ॐ पूताय  नमः ।

ॐ द्विजप्रियाय  नमः ।

ॐ इन्द्रश्रीप्रदाय नमः ।

ॐ सर्वसिद्धिप्रदकाय नमः ।

ॐ गौरीतनूजाय नमः ।

ॐ सर्वात्मकाय नमः ।

ॐ देवोऽनेकार्चिताय नमः ।

ॐ शुद्धाय  नमः ।

ॐ शान्ताय नमः ।

ॐ गजाननाय नमः ।

ॐ मुनिस्तुत्याय नमः ।

ॐ एकदन्ताय नमः ।

ॐ शक्तिसंयुताय नमः ।

ॐ लम्बोदराय नमः ।

ॐ हेरम्बाय नमः ।

ॐ कालाय नमः ।

ॐ कामिने नमः ।

ॐ पाशाङ्कुशधरायनमः ।

ॐ गुणातीताय नमः ।

ॐ अकल्मषाय नमः ।

ॐ बीजापूरकराय नमः ।

ॐ गदिने नमः ।

ॐ शाश्वताय नमः ।

ॐ विद्वत्प्रियाय नमः ।

ॐ चक्रिणे नमः ।

ॐ अब्जोत्पलकराय नमः ।

ॐ श्रीहेतवे  नमः ।

ॐ कलाद्भृते नमः ।

ॐ चन्द्रचूडाय नमः ।

ॐ नागयज्ञोपवीतिने नमः ।

ॐ रामार्चितपदाय  नमः ।

ॐ स्थूलकान्ताय नमः ।

ॐ सङ्घोषप्रियाय नमः ।

ॐ स्थूलतुण्डाय  नमः ।

ॐ ग्रामण्ये नमः ।

ॐ स्थिराय नमः ।

ॐ सुभगाय नमः ।

ॐ वागीशाय नमः ।

ॐ दूर्वाबिल्वप्रियाय  नमः ।

ॐ पापहारिणे नमः ।

ॐ समाहिताय  नमः ।

ॐ श्रीप्रदाय  नमः ।

ॐ भक्ताकाङ्क्षितदाय  नमः ।

ॐ केवलाय  नमः ।

ॐ सच्चिदानन्दविग्रहाय नमः ।

ॐ मायायुक्ताय  नमः ।

ॐ ब्रह्मिष्ठाय नमः ।

ॐ प्रमत्तदैत्यभयदाय  नमः ।

ॐ अमूर्तये नमः ।

ॐ समस्तजगदाधाराय  नमः ।

ॐ हृष्टस्तुताय  नमः ।

ॐ  सर्वसिद्धिदायकाय नमः । 

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Published on Sep 16th, 2019

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