Bhuvaneshwari Yagya and Pujan

भुवनेश्वरी यज्ञ एवं पूजन (10 Sep 2019)


Bhuvaneshwari Yagya


Bhuvaneshwari the sovereign Queen is the fourth Mahavidya. She is fondly called Bhuvaneshi. It is said that the universe is her body (Visvarupa) and the world is the flowering of her nature (Sarvarupa). Bhuvaneshwari embodies all the liveliness and attributes of the living nature. She represents forces of the material world. The whole of existence is the field of her joyful play. Bhuvaneshwari is Sarveshi the ruler of all. She is also Mahamaya the great enchantress.


Bhuvaneshwari is also identified with Prakrti, the energy underlying creation. She is therefore is also called as Pradhana and Prapanchesvari the one who rules over the five-fold world. The world is said to emerge from her just as a web emerges from the spider or as the sparks crackle out of fire. 


Bhuvaneshwari Yagya is a powerful ritual involving samputith Bhuvaneshwari Mantras & varied Mahavidya mantras. The Bhuvaneshwari Yagya involve chanting of Divya Mantras which are not common in the public. The Bhuvaneshwari Yagya grants kayakalp, power, energy and success in all endeavours of life. The Bhuvaneshwari yagya awakens the dormant energies residing in the sadhak or sponsor of the Yagya. Samputith mantras are recited in the Yagya to destroy the enemies & to remove the negative forces in life.


Main benefits of Bhuvaneshwari Yagya & Pujan

  • To appease the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari for boons.
  • To attain the siddhis in Bhuvaneshwari mantra sadhana.
  • Get Rid of Black Magic.
  • To Be Young in Life.
  • To Gain Extra Energy from the world.
  • Get Rid of the difficulties caused by enemies.
  • To Remove the malefic effects of planets or grahas.
  • Get Rid of fears.
  • To Excel in Business & to get promotion in Job.
  • To Activate the latent occult powers in You.

Procedure to Join the Bhuvaneshwari Yagya

You can join the Bhuvaneshwari Yagya and can send your ‘Sankalp’ with your name and father’s name plus location.
Your name and sankalp will be pronounced while doing the Yagya. The duration of the Yagya will be 1-2 hours.

A brief audio recording of samputith Bhuvaneshwari Mantras & Ashirvaad by Guruji will be sent to you.

Common Steps to be Followed in the Bhuvaneshwari  Yagya Puja

  • Preparing the Altar and invoking the Divine Fire.
  • Pronouncing the Sankalp of the Sponsors of the Ritual. 
  • Ganesh Puja, Kalash Staphan and Navagraha Puja.
  • Bhuvaneshwari Viniyoga & Angnyasa.
  • Invoking the Gods & Goddesses.
  • Invoking the Mahavidya Bhuvaneshwari .
  • Chanting of Bhuvaneshwari Stotras & Mantras,
  • Purnahuti
  • Aarti
  • Pushpanjali

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Published on Sep 6th, 2019

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