Reverse Black Magic Mantra

काला जादू वापिस भेजने का चंडी मंत्र 


reverse black magic

Chandika or Chandi is the fierce form of Goddess Parvathi who killed Chanda and Munda. Chandi is the symbol of eternal time. Chandi is the change in nature and willingness to change. Chandi is consciousness in motion—the overflowing joy that projects, sustains, and withdraws the universe. And her destruction has a dual aspect, she gives birth to new life as the old one fades away in the darkness of death.


This Chandi shabar mantra is used to reverse the black magic, kala jadu, mooth, tantra, buri nazar and muslim kala ilam. This is 14 days shabar mantra sadhna. After attaining the siddhi of the shabar mantra any sadhak can use it for removing the black magic or even reversing the black magic from any person. The vidhi or process to use this Chandi shabar mantra can only be asked from Guruji.


How To Chant The Reverse Black Magic Chandi Shabar Mantra

  • The Chandi Shabar Mantra is a 14 days mantra sadhana.
  • The mantra sadhana can be started from No moon or 'Amavasya'.
  • Take bath and wear yellow dress facing the north direction.
  • Pronounce your wishes or 'Sankalp' before the Energized
  •  Chandi Yantra or picture of Chandi.
  • Chant 11 mala of Chandi shabar mantra with Energized Hakeek mala.
  • On 15th day you will get Siddhi of the Chandi Shabar Mantra.

Reverse Black Magic Chandi Shabar Mantra

।।चण्डी चण्डी महाचण्डी आवत मूठ करे नवखण्डी। 
अष्टादश भुजा शस्त्रधारी हाकिनी डाकिनी घेर मारी।
जादू टोना टोटका मोहे न सतावे जहां से आया वहीं को जाए।
जिसने भेजा, उसको खाए चले मंत्र फुरे वाचा।
देखूँ माई चण्डिके तेरे इल्म का तमाशा।

Chandi Chandi MahaChandi Aavat Mooth Kare NavKhandi.
Ashtaa Dash Bhuja ShastrDhari Haakini Daakini Gher Mari
JaaduTona Totka Mohe Na Satave
 Jahan Se Aaya Vahin Ko Jaaye
Jis Ne Bheja Us Ko Khaaye Chale Mantra Fure Vaacha
Dekhoon Mai Chandike Tere Eelam Ka Tamasha

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Published on Aug 31st, 2019

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