Haldi Mala Energized

हल्दी माला प्राण प्रतिष्टित

Haldi Mala

Haldi has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb. Haldi or turmeric is a flowering plant of ginger family. Haldi mala is made from beads of Turmeric. Haldi is considered one of the most purifying herbs in Ayurveda. Haldi is also used in many Tantra as well as Mantra practices. The Haldi mala is used for recitation of various mantras. One of the best use of Haldi mala is in Baglamukhi sadhna. Haldi mala is energized during the period of Jupiter is considered good for performing many kinds of mantra sadhna.


Benefits of Haldi Mala

  • Haldi Mala is used to remove many kind of incurable diseases.
  • Haldi Mala is used for success in law suits and litigation matters.
  • Haldi Mala is used for destroying the actions of enemies. 
  • Haldi Mala is used to remove the infertility issues.
  • Haldi Mala is used in sadhana of Baglamukhi and Brihaspati planet.
  • Haldi Mala is used for Invoking spiritual powers.
  • Haldi Mala is used to make holy water.

How To energize Haldi Mala?

Haldi Mala Mala becomes more powerful when energized by mantras and mala sanskar. The mala sanskar is a secret subject and very few persons are able to energize the mala in the right way.

Who can wear the Haldi Mala?

Any Sadhak can wear the Haldi Mala in an auspicious time with the permission of his Guru.

Rules for using the Haldi Mala

There are some common rules for using any mala. You can read the rules by clicking here.

Different Variations of Energized Haldi Mala

  • Pran Pratishtith or Energized Haldi Mala(Normal Edition)
  • Pran Pratishtith or Energized Haldi Mala with 11000 specialized Japa and Specialized Puja (Special Edition 1)
  • Pran Pratishtith or Energized Haldi Mala with 51000 specialized Japa and Super Specialized Puja(Super Edition 2)
  • Pran Pratishtith or Energized Haldi Mala with 1.25 Lac Special Mantras and Energized with Raksha Kavach (Energized Kavach Edition 3)

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Published on Aug 26th, 2019

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