Rudra Abhishek

रुद्राभिषेक पूजन


Rudrabhishek puja

Rudra is the mightiest form of Lord Shiva in the whole universe. Rudra is capable of destroying every form, force and element into ashes. There are 11 Rudras according to the Rigveda each assigned with different tasks in the creation. The 11 Rudras are Kapaali, Pingala, Bhima, Virupaksha, Vilohitaa, Ajesha, Shavasana, Shasta, Shambu, Chanda and, Dhruva. Rudra is like a violent storm which focuses on the destructive nature. Every known powerful force in the universe is nothing in front of Rudra.


Rudra creates fear in the heart of enemies and all evil forces. It is believed that even semi-gods fear the fury of Rudra and shiver just by the name of Rudra. Rudra turned Kamdeva into ashes when he tried to disrupt the Mediation of Lord Shiva. No entity can be spared from the wrath of Rudra. Rudra is also gentle for the devotees. Rudra protects the devotees from the negative influences.


Why is Rudrabhishek performed?


Rudrabhishek puja is an extremely powerful puja. It is performed to seek blessings and good health from God. Rudrabhishek is performed to invoke Rudra, the most powerful cosmic force mentioned in the Vedas. Rudrabhishek is performed to please and impress the Rudra. Rudra sees everything, hears everything, feels everything and knows everything in this cosmic creation (both micro and macro cosmic) and beyond. Rudra is the protector of his devotees and destroyer of the evil forces.


The Rudra Abhishek Puja is aimed to appease Lord Shiva in the Rudra form. Rudra Abhishek Puja is one of the greatest Poojas to remove all evils, win over enemies, betterment in marital life and also to attain all desires and for all round prosperity and peace. 


Materials needed for Rudrabhishek puja


Milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey, Water, Roli, 

Chandan, Camphor, Panchamrit, 

Rose water, Ganga Jal, 

Bhasma (ashes), Bel Patra and flowers and so on.


What is the procedure of Rudrabhishek puja?

  • The Rudrabhishek puja starts by pouring Gangajal on the Shivling and then the other materials meant for the puja like ghee, curd, milk are poured on the Shivling one after another.
  • The Rudrabhishek puja starts by performing a homa on fire.
  • Then the Shivling is placed on the altar and is worshipped. In the end, special dishes are offered to Lord Shiva. 
  • Chanting of the divine Shiva Mantras, Shiva Mahimna Stotram, Shiv Panchakshari Stotram, Amogh Shiv Kavach and Shiva Ashtakam Stotram to invoke the 11 Rudras and Lord Shiva.

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Published on Jul 25th, 2019

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