Mantra To Neutralize Bad Karmas Paapaankusha Mantra

पापांकुशा मंत्र साधना ​

Paapaankusha Mantra


Human life is dependent on many factors like influence of planets, upbringing, luck and clicked choices. But one more factor is linked to the past life karmas or actions. Human life is not only physical but spiritual too. Spirit never dies and carries the Karmas of previous birth with its formless entity. The effects of its Karma continue to have impact on its present life as well as future lives.

The cycle of birth and death is unending. The cycle can only be interrupted and put to full stop in human life form. It is only humans that can perform rituals and can go into meditative states and know their consciousness. Only human beings can know their true self. The true self can only be realised by Spiritual endeavours and practices. The true self can only be unfolded by practicing meditation, mantras and receiving various initiations from the Guru. Even the Gods take avatars and show the humans various spiritual paths.

Just being born as a human is not enough. In this human form one should put the whole-hearted efforts to attain the state of divinity and be free from the bondages of this cruel world. This bondage can only by relieved by cutting the threads of previous life Bad Karmas which makes the life of a person happier or filled with sorrows. We often observe that many hard-working and innocent persons immersed in troubles and sufferings and the underlying factor is effect of previous year Bad Karmas.

The impact of Bad Karmas can only be neutralized by powerful mantra sadhna and doing good Karmas in this life. One of the best sadhna which can banish the effects of past Bad Karmas is Paapaankush Mantra sadhna. Paapaankush simply means to curb one's sins and their relative impact. The sadhna gradually removes the negative impacts of Bad Karmas and banishes the sorrow from one's life.The sadhna also ensures success, wealth, fame and spiritual progress.

How To Do The Paapaankusha Mantra Sadhna

  • The mantra sadhna can be started in an auspicious time or any saturday night.
  • Take the bath and wear yellow or white dress.
  • Sit comfortably facing west. 
  • Worship the Guru and other deities for the success of sadhna.
  • Lit a Ghee lamp and chant 1 round of Guru Mantra.
  • Take some water in your right hand and make the 'Sankalp' or resolution.
  • Chant 11 rosaries of this mantra with energized sphatik or rudraksh mala.

Paapaankusha Mantra

"ॐ ह्रीं ह्रां सर्व पाप नाशाय ह्रां ह्रीं नमः "

"Om Hreem Hraam Sarv Paap Nashaay Hraam Hreem Nama:"

Do it for 7 consecutive Saturdays to remove the Sapt-Janma or 7 birth negative impacts of Bad Karmas.


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Published on May 10th, 2019

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