Be A Millionaie in 20 Minutes Asht Lakshmi Beej Mantra

अष्टलक्ष्मी बीज मंत्र जो लक्ष्मी ने इन्द्र को प्रदान किया था |  

ashtlakshmi beej mantra


This Ashtlakshmi sadhna was told by Goddess Mahalakshmi to Indra for overall prosperity and to get kingdom of Heaven. It is been told in Vishnu Puran that there are 2 auspicious times in the early morning which can be utilized to fulfill the dreams & to acquire abundance. The first auspicious time is from 5:23 am till 5:31 am before sunrise. The another auspicious time for doing Lakshmi Sadhna is from 5:48 am till 5:49 am. The 20 minutes sadhna can change the life of any sadhak in a few days.

Further Goddess Lakshmi told to Indra that in the auspicious time the sadhak should chant the Asht Lakshmi Beej Mantras. The mantras should be chanted loudly and not in the mind. The sadhna should only be done after taking bath and after performing Bhasrika, Pranayama & Trataka.There are 5 more points that should be kept in mind while doing sadhna.

How To Chant Asht Lakshmi Beej Mantra

  • The Asana should be of white colour. 
  • The dress code should be white or yellow.
  • The sadhak should face north.
  • Lit a pure Ghee lamp.
  • Be free from attachment and anger.
  • The mantra can be chanted with Sphatik or Crystal Mala.
  • The Sadhak can also chant the mantra without mala.

asht lakshmi beej mantra

Ashtlakshmi Beej Mantra

"Aing Wreeng Sreeng Hoom Yam Shreeng Shrong Shram Namah:"


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Published on May 10th, 2019

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