Shukra Yantra

Shukra Yantra

शुक्र यन्त्र


The planet Venus (Shukra) is the most benevolent of all the planets. To have a happy married life, one should worship this planet. Also those running Venus dasha or Sub-period.Venus is sensuous planet that ignites sensuality. It is known as ‘Shukra’ in hindu mythology and is the son of great of sage Bhrigu and Khyati.


It is the significant of all the beautiful things like romance, beauty, sensuality, passion, comforts, luxury, jewels, wealth, art, music, dance, season of spring, rains, flowers etc. When Venus is strong and is rightly aspect, it brings wealth, comfort, attraction to the opposite sex at an early stage in his life. It makes its natives tender, gentle, tender and considerate. Venus is the natural signification of spouse, happiness, sexual sciences, poetry, flowers, youth, ornaments, silver, vehicles, luxuries and different forms of emotions among other things.


In the body he rules over the reproductive system, eyes, throat, chin, cheeks and kidneys. Shukracharya is the Lord of the Earth's wealth like metals, minerals, herbs, sacred and divine knowledge. It has been observed that with the onset of the Dasha of Venus, a person starts appreciating the beauty in nature and art. It can bring best in us since it comes after the seven years of the Dasha of Moksha Karaka Ketu. It makes the life of the native blissful and refined. It also gives a developed sense to appreciate art and beauty.

Shukra Yantra

Shukra Yantra represent cosmic energy of planet venus. Shukra Yantra reflects the cosmic vibrations back to the sadhak or the person worshipping the Yantra. Shukra Yantra is installed to get fame, success and vigour in public relation activities. Shukra Yantra resonates the magical powers.


The Yantra possess the Healing Divine Powers. Shukra Yantra is also used for the purpose of meditation. The Yantra makes you more focused and energetic with deeper concentartion qualities. The Yantra energizes the place where it is installed. 

Shukra Yantra is used for removing the hurdles and obstacles in life. Shukra Yantra represent the cosmic vibrations which align you with a particular divine energy of planet Shukra. Shukra Yantra makes you more focused and connects you with the divine source. Various mantra sadhnas can be performed in front of Shukra Yantra. Shukra Yantra must be worshipped by every person to gain the tremendous infleunce of cosmic energy.


Benefits of Shukra Yantra 

  • This powerful Yantra connects you with the higher frequencies of love & attraction.
  • Lluxuries and materialistic comforts. 
  • Fortune, wealth, fame & luck.
  • Success in marital & love affairs.
  • Success in Religious activities.
  • Success in Politics.
  • This Shukra Yantra helps to get success in sexual reproductive activities.
  • Divine grace of Lord Shukra is surely obtained.
  • Good Luck and success in Cinema & Acting sector.
  • Removal of obstacles in important tasks & ceremonies.
  • Smooth functioning of business, job and family. 
  • Fulfillment of desires. 
  • Siddhi of Shukra Mantra sadhna.
  • Enhances your magnetism & your persuasive capabilities. 

Shukra Yantra should be installed in an appropriate direction and in a suitable place. Shukra Yantra makes a great divine impact nearby. ShukraYantra has the divine ability to energize the place where it is placed. One can install the Shukra Yantra in the temple or puja room if doing any mantra sadhna or it can be installed near the entrance of your home, shop, office, business premises or in your living room.

The power of Yantra amplifies if the sadhak chants the Shukra Beej Mantra consistently. The Yantra is enrgized after chanting of particular mantras, stotras and Nyas for 30 days.

Various Shukra Mantra Sadhana :

"Om  Shukraay Namah:
"Om Draam Dreem Draum Sah: Shukray Namah:"
"Om Brighu Vansha Jataya Vidmahe Shveta Vahanaya Dhimahi Tanno Shukra Prachodayat."

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Published on May 10th, 2019

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