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A Comprehensive Guide To Rudraksh - Types & Benefits11 mukhi Rudraksh
रुद्राक्ष के प्रकार और उनका महत्त्व - रुद्राक्ष कैसे पहनें 

Rudraksh is believed to be the tear of Lord Shiva and is considered very auspicious in Shastras. Rudraksh is highly praised in "Devi bhagvat shiv puran, skand puran , padma puran, ling puran and javalyapanished. The people of all four categories, who desire comfort or "Moksh" should wear "Rudraksh". Famous chemical researcher of world has suggested that rudraksh can cure cancer and many other diseases. Researchers have said that with uses of rudraksh one can do impossible work . Rudraksh can change the fortune. All hurdles in the way of fortune could be removed by Rudraksh. This is good for sammohan, uchchatan, vashikaran and for the purpose of money. Ruraksh simply have magical powers in it.

A good quality rudraksh can destroy all sins. There are four kind of rudraksh viz. Brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya and shudra category. Colours are white, red, yellow and black respectively. People should wear rudraksh in a wise manner. Rudraksh equal in size of "Aanvala", destroy all negative forces. Rudraksh equal to size of bery gives good rortune, happiness. Rudraksh equal to gunja fruit helps to fulfill all desires. As far as rudraksh become smaller it gives more results. One smaller rudraksh gives ten times results than bigger size. So one should wear smaller rudraksh to eliminate all sins.

The mala of rudraksh is normally used in all mantra sadhnas. Rudraksh in equal size, smooth, strong and beautiful rudraksh gives worldly comfort and moksh also. One should not use broken mala. Rudraksh is considered best in which a natural hole for thread is already there. Man made hole rudraksh is considered medium. It is believed that the person who wears eleven hundreds rudraksh achieve such a result which can not be aspired in hundreds of years.

Different faced rudraksh can be used for different purposes. One should wear 6 faced rudraksh in right hand, 7 faced in neck. 8 faced in forehead, 9 faced in hand, 12 faced in hairs, 14 faced in ponytail. Wearing the Rudraksh eliminates diseases, difficulties and gives power. Rudraksh can lead to transcendence and provide spiritual powers.

Faces of Rudraksh & Use of Rudrakshas

Holy rudrakshas are of 38 types and normally available upto sixteen faces. The bead or Rosary is very auspicious and is believed to draw man close to the Almighty. All religions have advised the use of this Bead. In the Hindu religion the wearer of Rudrakshas is blessed by LORD SHIVA. It has miraculous effects on our body, mind and soul and is used for the propitiation of planetary afflictions and the cure of diseases. These rudrakshas are worn around the neck individually as talisman or as Lucky charms.
ONE faced Rudraksha when found is very rare and is ascribed to Lord SHIVA. Ekmukhi Rudraksh blesses the wearer with power, authority, wealth and all comforts of life and cures one from Heart attacks. It may be placed where pooja is performed, and wealth remains in abundance, all troubles vanish and people of that house lead a comfortable life. One gets Bhakti, Mukti and peace of mind. This is the most auspicious and sacred Rudraksha. It is often found that people wear it by enclosing it in Gold, which is not correct, and must be avoided. One mukhi rudraksh represents lord shiva. It gives worldly comfort or Moksh both. Goddess lakshmi blesses the wearer of one mukhi rudraksh. One achieve all desired things and eliminates all worries. 

TWO faced Rudraksha when used as Lucky charm increases spiritual strength. Dwimukhi Rudraksh is beneficial to end Tamsic habits for concentration of minds. Pregnant ladies should wear it round their waist or on the arm for the successful birth of a child. It is also used to avoid abortions and for Vashi Karan purposes. Two faced rudraksh represent ardhnarishwer avatar of lord shiva. It is said that the followers of lord shiva should wear properly to achieve good fortune. It is beneficial to destroy taamas or darkness. One should use it for concentration, mental peace, spritual power and to awaken the kundalini. Rudraksh should be tied on waist or hand in pregnancy to eliminate fear, fits, fearful dreams, evil spirits. One should keep rudraksh in a small box under the pillow. The Rudraksh can also be used for vashikaran purposes.

THREE faced Rudraksha bestows good luck, and is used for wealth and education. The fever which starts after three days is cured by its use. Teen Mukhi Rudraksh represents three fire. Agnidev blesses the people who wear this after proper worship. This Rudraksh helps to increase wealth and studies. The 3 Face Rudraksh cures fever which comes third day.

FOUR faced Rudraksha is auspicious for health, wealth and advancement of spiritual achievements. Charmukhi Rudraksh also increases the intellect and power of speech.This represents lord Brahmaji. It gives dharma, artha, kaama & moksha. It is like "Kalp tree" for mental illness & is used in case of loss of memory. One can achieve extra ordinary gains in eduaction & job wearing this 4 mukhi Rudraksh after woship. It is used in hypnotism, attraction and subjugation. Boil it in milk and drink for twenty days can cure mental illness.

FIVE faced Rudraksha is commonly used by people as it is easily available. Panchmukhi Rudraksh blesses the wearer with fulfilment of all his desires and helps in the recovery of diseases. Five faced rudraksh represents "Kalagni Rudra". It can provide anything. It gives desired results, One should wear three 5 mukhi rudraksh properly. It helps to destroy sins and gain health. The 5 mukhi Rudraksh can be put on naval at night Iying on the bed. This process can cure constipation.

SIX faced Rudraksha is used on the right arm or around the neck. One is blessed with all comforts of life and success in work and in business etc. Students should use it. Chhemukhi Rudraksh is also useful for hysteria, fainting fits and other diseases of ladies. Six faced rudraksh represents Kartikeyji. Some learned considered it representation of lord Ganeshji. One should tie on right hand to achieve success in work, business and to achieve ridhi-siddhi. 

SEVEN faced Rudraksha blesses the wearer with respect, wealth and spiritual power. Saptmukhi rudraksh is famous by the name of "Anang". The deities that it represent is 7 matraka, sapt-ashv and sapt rishi. One who wear with proper method gets fame, wealth, respect, honour and worldly comfort.

EIGHT faced Rudraksha blesses the wearer with all comforts of life. Ashta mukhi rudraksh represents "Batuk bhairav". It destroy sins of past and daily lies. 8 mukhi Rudraksh gives long life. One lives with blessings of god.

NINE faced Rudraksha blesses the wearer with wealth, family comforts, children’s welfare and the fulfilment of hopes and desires. Navmukhi Rudraksh represents Yam, Bhairav and Kapil muni. Goddess Durga, who has nine incarnations is "Adhishthatri goddess" of this rudraksh. One who wear with proper method in "Navratrl' gets the divine grace of Goddess Durga. 9 mukhi Rudraksh increases fortune, wealth and  happiness in family.

TEN faced Rudraksha gives protection from the malefic effects of planets and evil effects of souls. One remains safe from all TANTRIK attacks and the effects of the evil eye. This dashmukhi rudraksh represents Lord Vishnu. All ten guardians of quarters or  digpal represent this rudraksh. It eliminates evil spirits, disturbances in house if worn properly after pran prathishtha. It has a wide importance in tantra. One who wears in neck. The wearer alwyas escape sudden death, maran kriya etc. Scrub with milk, give paste to eat, it cures acute cough.

ELEVEN faced Rudraksha is especially beneficial to ladies. Her husband will be blessed with prosperity and longevity. She will have sons and all comforts. Eleven faced rudraksh represents "Ekadash Rudra ". Some learned considered its deity as Lord Indra. One should put it in home, temple or locker for good fortune and benefits. It is important for ladies for attraction & vashikaran purposes.
ELEVEN faced rudraksha is used for long life of husband. It is been written in 'Javalyopanishad' that by energizingt this rudraksh with proper mantras any lady can be blessed with a son. Ekadashmukhi rudraksha is also used in acute diseases.
TWELVE faced Rudraksha bestows comforts, employment and the blessings of all deities.
TWELVE faced rudraksha represent Lord Vishnu & all the 12 Adityas.  Bahramukhi rudraksha is normally worn for employment, job and promotion.

THIRTEEN faced Rudraksha too is very auspicious. The wearer gains moksha, victory over enemies, attainment of ambitions and is endowed with good health and the comforts of life. One can also attract anybody one wishes to. This represents "Vishva dev". Some learned consider this Kartikey' and lordIindra. One who wears this Terhamukhi rudraksh  with proper method achieve all desired things and good fortune belongs to him in no time.

FOURTEEN faced Rudraksha cures diseases. It bestows all comforts of life on the wearer. "Chodah mukhi" rudraksh represents lord Shiva. It is also considered to represents "Hanumanji".   One should wear it in a proper method on the forehead. This ward off all sins. One should drink milk with rudraksh for twenty days to eliminate all kind of mental problems.

Though all kinds of Rudraksh yield certain kinds of fruits to the wearer yet Rudraksh should be energized with particular mantras to increase the intensity of its fruits. Only Pran Pratishthith Rudraksh provide boon to the wearer. Each faced Rudraksh has to be energised with different mantras.

1 mukhi rudraksh2 Mukhi Rudraksh3 Mukhi Rudraksh5 Mukhi Rudraksh
6 Mukhi Rudraksh7 Mukhi Rudraksh8 Mukhi Rudraksh9 Mukhi Rudraksh
10 Mukhi Rudraksh11 Mukhi Rudraksh12 Mukhi Rudraksh13 Mukhi Rudraksh14 Mukhi Rudraksh
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