Sphatik Mala Energized with Mantra Sanskar

प्राण प्रतिष्टिथ स्फटिक माला


sphatik mala


Sphatik Mala is one of the best rosary used for concentration and for mantra chanting. Most of the mantra sadhna can be done using the Sphatik rosary. Sphatik is a natural substance which is crystal clear also known as Rhinestone or Quartz stone. Sphatik is naturally a cool material. Sphatik is also known as Jaap mala for all the mantras.

 Benefits of Sphatik Mala 

  • Sphatik removes negativity from mind and body.
  • Wearing Sphatik mala enhances positive vibrations in nearby surroundings.
  • Sphatik mala provides protection from negative energies and evil tendencies.
  • Sphatik mala is knowns as  natural coolant of mind and spirit. Sphatik mala is a boon for patient suffering from hypertension, 
  • Sphatik mala helps in insomnia. Sphatik helps in good sleep.
  • Spahtik mala is known for the benefit of better concentration in chanting and in studies.
  • Spahtik is the best jaap mala for many mantra sadhnas.
  • Sphatik improves sexual powers. Sphatik is a natural healer for unknown diseases.
  • Sphatik reduces stress and helps in maintaining the balance of mind & body.
  • Sphatik mala is also helpful for students and it helps in concentration and grasping power.

How To energize Sphatik Mala?

Sphatik mala becomes more powerful when energized by mantras and  mala sanskar. The mala sanskar is a secret subject and very few persons are able to energize the mala in the right way.

Who can wear the Sphatik Mala?

Anyone can wear the Sphatik mala in an auspicious time with the permission of his Guru.

Rules for using the Sphatik Mala?

There are some common rules for using any mala. You can read the rules by clicking here.

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Published on May 10th, 2019

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