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25 Names of Rahu - Meaning

Rahu 25 Names Stotram25 names Rahu
राहू के 25 नाम स्तोत्रं 

Rahu is the Rakshsa who was the minister of Rakshasa and was very intelligent. He almost consumed the Amrita derived from the churning of ocean. Lord Vishnu took the avatar of 'Mohini' and cut his throat. Rahu after the consumption of amrita in his neck became half bodied one and is always angry. Rahu always torment the Sun & Moon with grahan kala. Rahu is supposed to be the guiding force for learning the occult science and if favorable in the Kundali or by means of worship makes the jataka like the king kubera.

5 Divine & powerful names of Lord Rahu can provide you success, money and fame. Just enchant this powerful Rahu Stotram once a day and feel the difference in your life. This Rahu Stotram also removes the malefic effects of Rahu from kundali. The Stotram is very powerful and tested by many and found to be very effective to get the divine grace of Lord Rahu.

राहुर्दानव मन्त्री च सिंहिकाचित्तनन्दनः । 
अर्धकायः सदाक्रोधी चन्द्रादित्यविमर्दनः ॥ १ ॥ 
Rahu, Minister of Rakshasa, one who makes Simhika happy,
Half bodied one, one who is always angry, 
Tormentor who troubles Sun and Moon.

रौद्रो रुद्रप्रियो दैत्यः स्वर्भानुर्भानुमीतिदः । 
ग्रहराजः सुधापायी राकातिथ्यभिलाषुकः ॥ २ ॥ 
Angry one, Devotee of Rudhra, Ogre,
One who is near the Sun, one who terrifies the sun,
King of planets, one who got nectar , 
One who desires the moon and the sun.

कालदृष्टिः कालरुपः श्रीकष्ठह्रदयाश्रयः । 
विधुंतुदः सैंहिकेयो घोररुपो महाबलः ॥ ३ ॥ 

One who has death inflicting sight, one who likes death, 
One who lives in the heart of Shiva, one who made moon dim,
One who is the son of ogress Simhika,
One who has terrifying form, One who is very strong.

ग्रहपीडाकरो द्रंष्टी रक्तनेत्रो महोदरः । 
पञ्चविंशति नामानि स्मृत्वा राहुं सदा नरः ॥ ४ ॥ 
यः पठेन्महती पीडा तस्य नश्यति केवलम् । 

One who torments planets, one who has big teeth,
One who has red eyes and one who has a big paunch,
If a man recites these twenty five names and prays to Rahu,
And as soon as he reads big tormenting troubles vanish immediately.

विरोग्यं पुत्रमतुलां श्रियं धान्यं पशूंस्तथा ॥ ५ ॥ 
ददाति राहुस्तस्मै यः पठते स्तोत्रमुत्तमम् । 
Health , incomparable sons, wealth , cereals and animals 
Would be given to him by Rahu , to the one who reads this great prayer.

सततं पठते यस्तु जीवेद्वर्षशतं नरः ॥ ६ ॥ 
The man who reads this regularly would live for one hundred years.

इति श्रीस्कन्दपुराणे राहुस्तोत्रं संपूर्णम् ॥

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mahesh says:
Jul, 15th, 2014, 11:58 AM

Good day Please can someone email me the 25 names of Rahu in English. I am not well versed in reading hind. Thanks Mahesh

Guru Shakti says:
Jul, 21st, 2014, 05:05 PM

mahesh , I will try soon.

nitin says:
Oct, 17th, 2014, 12:50 PM

Sir m a manglik having kaal sarp dosha too and have relationship issues too. Nothing is good in my job, always breakup in my relationships,feel so alone,depressed,olwaz worried.seems everything to be in dark. I work hard but don get success in any of my endeavours.goto temple everyday but god also doesnt listen to me.chanted many vashikaran mantras for my ex but nothing worked.wat shud i do sir pls guide me. Ty

Guru Shakti says:
Oct, 19th, 2014, 03:48 PM

nitin, I suggest you to chant 5 mala of Siddhivinayak Ganpati mantra daily for 21 days.Find out the mantra from the site. I also suggest you to receive Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Deeksha from Guruji.