Deepawali Mahalakshmi Yagya and Pujan

Deepawali MahaLakshmi Riddhi SamRidhi Yagya & Pujannavaratri havan; Chamunda Yagya;
दीपावली महालक्ष्मी ऋद्धि समृद्धि यज्ञ और पूजा (7 Nov 2018)

Deepawali Mahalakshmi Riddhi Samridhi Mahayagya & Pujan : Invoke The Energy & Transformational Power of Mahalakshmi In Life
Mahalakshmi is the deity who is invoked mainly in rituals seeking wealth, power and hidden treasures. 

Goddess Mahalakshmi is strikingly beautiful glowing in her golden complexion , as a powerful goddess in her own might sitting alone on a lotus amidst a pond. And, sometimes she is flanked by two or four elephants showering water or nectar over her from bejeweled pots held in their upraised trunks. She holds two lotuses in her two upper hands; wears a crown sparkling with gems. Kamala gestures mudras bestowing boons and fearlessness. Mahalakshmi is presented as the goddess who destroys poverty, and as one who grants wellbeing, prosperity and fertility.

Why Do Deepawali Mahalakshmi Yagya & Pujan?

The  NavaRatri Chamunda Mahayagya & Puja helps in removing the immediate problems and obstacles in life. As per Hindu mythology Chamunda is considered to be fierce form of energy and is the transformational energy of the Gods & Goddesses.  It is said the invoking of the Chamuda is a must for activating the hidden & latent energies inside you. That is why before starting any war or auspicious work our ancestors used to worship the Chandi or Chamunda. Hence this  NavaRatri Chamunda Yagya is done to pray Goddess Chamunda, especially before starting any new competetive venture/business to get desired results/benefits.

What are the main benefits of Yagya Deepawali Mahalakshmi & Pujan?
Get Rid of Black Magic.
Get Rid of the difficulties caused by enemies.
To Remove the malefic effects of planets or grahas.
Get Rid of fears.
To Excel in Business & to get promotion in Job.
To Activate the latent occult powers in You.
To get success in Durga, Kali & Dush Mahavidya Sadhna.
To get rid of diseases and to attune yourself with perfect health.
To get name & fame everywhere.

Who can perform this Deepawali Mahalakshm Yagya?
Anyone can do this NavaRatri Chamunda Yagya . This Yagna has its own significance for people who are facing problems in life especially enemy related problems. Even after putting constant efforts when a person is not able to fetch any fruitful result, then he/she can perform this Yagna. For example: constant failure in exams, business or in work place or difficulties in a relationship.
There will be recitation of powerful Sahasarakshi Siddh Chandi Stotram & Tivra Chandi Stotram as per the Yagna schedule.

Who will perform this 
Deepawali Mahalakshmi Yagya?
Guruji along with 3-4 of his disciples would perform this ritual. 

When the 
Deepawali Mahalakshmi Yagya will be performed?
The Yagya will be performed on 7 November 2018.

What is the procedure to Join the Deepawali MahaLakshmi 
You can join the Chamunda Yagya and can send your ‘Sankalp’ with your name and father’s name plus location.
Your name and sankalp will be pronounced while doing the Yagya.

What is the Duration of the 
Deepawali MahaLakshmi Yagya?
The duration of the Yagya will be 1 hour 30 minutes.

What will be done in the 
Deepawali MahaLakshmi Yagya Puja?
Preparing the Altar and invoking the Divine Fire.
Pronouncing the Sankalp of the Sponsors of the Ritual. 
Ganesh Puja, Kalash Staphan and Navagraha Puja.
Chamunda Viniyoga & Angnyasa.
Invoking the Gods  & Goddesses.
Invoking the Chamuda.
Chanting of Chamunda Stotras & Mantras,

What will be offered in 
Deepawali MahaLakshmi Yagya?
Durlabh Samagri
Kamal Ghatta

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Published on Oct 26th, 2018

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