Famous Dhumavati Mantras Stotra

धूमावती महाविद्या के प्रसिद्द मंत्र और स्तोत्र 

dhumvati mantras


Dhumavati unlike most other Mahavidya is old, ugly and sulking. She is the only Mahavidya without a consort. She is a widow associated with strife, loneliness, unfulfilled desires and inauspicious things of life. She indulges in quarrels and is intolerant of anything that is auspicious.


She is instinctively drawn to households in which there is strife — where family members quarrel or where the adults feed themselves and disregard the hunger of their children. . She has , however, certain positive characteristics such as: guiding the devotee along the spiritual path to help him/her attain liberation, granting Siddihis and rescuing her devotees from troubles.

Dhumavati is worshipped by the Tantrics for attainment of Siddhis (magical powers). Though Dhumavati's worship is considered ideal for bachelors, widows, Sanyasins and Tantrics, the householder too flock to her seeking blessings and fulfillment of their desires. On request of various sadhaks some popular links of Mahavidya Dhumavati are given below.


Famous Dhumavati Mantras Sadhan

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Published on Jul 22nd, 2018

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