Vashikaran By Tantra Extreme Love and Care From Husband

पति को वश में करने का तंत्र 

Vashikaran By Tantra


Living together after tying the knot can be both exciting and stressful. Mutual trust, honesty and commitment from the both partners are absolutely necessary for a good and happy married life. But sometimes the circumstances turns suspicious. 


Having an affair after marriage is not uncommon. There are signs of your spouse having an affair. Also there are times when husband gets indifferent toward wife for many reasons. This Vashikaran Tantra has helped many ladies to get back the love of their husband.

Vashikaran Tantra Method

The wife should recite 1,0000 mantra jaap to attain siddhi of this mantra in an auspicious time.

"ॐ नमो महायक्षिण्यै मम पति में वश्यं
             कुरु कुरु स्वाहा"

"Om Namo Mahayakshinyei Mam Pati Mei Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha."

The wife should start reciting facing north with coral mala an auspicious day and lagna, after sunrise. One should do abhimantrit seven times, any article to be used for vashikaran, then one should use it. The jaap of this mantra is only for ladies. Mantra siddhi can be attained by speaking the mantra. One can replace the name of a man, to attract by Mampati mei 'name' of the husband.


1. Vashikaran Tilak

  • a)Crush gorochan and kumkum in juice of banana, put tilak to attract the husband.
  • b)Make tablet crushing vishnukanta, bhangara, gokhru, gorochan in equal parts. Whenever needed put tilak to attract the husband.
  • c)Bring root of sahdevi in solar eclipse scrach with sandal,  put tilak to attract the husband.
  • d)Crush "Black bhangara”, white lazvanti, make tablet to attract the husband.
  • e)​Crush flower of black thorn apple and feather of wasp and kasturi in Pushya nakshatra make tablet, whenever needed scratch to put tilak on forehead.

2. Vashikaran Tabeej

Bring root of Shwetark on Sunday in Mool nakshatra, put in tabeej, the lady should give tabeej to husband, husband will be under control.

3. Vashikaran Bread

Cady should weight wheat flour equal to the weigfit of her left sleeper. Let the man eat 4 breads of that flour on Sunday or Tuesday, the husband will be under control

नोट: शास्त्र परम्परा के अनुरूप मंत्र की सिद्धि की लिए अपने गुरुदेव से दीक्षा ले कर ही मंत्र का प्रयोग करें। Contact us for any queries or help.

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Published on Jul 20th, 2018

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