Dash Mahavidya Kavach



The ten Mahavidyas as a group are powerful. But, individually only a few can assert themselves on their own might. The characteristics of certain individual Mahavidya does not coordinate well with the group-characteristics though the Mahavidyas are said to be emanations from Kali. The Mahavidya texts, however, hastens to explain that Mahavidyas are indeed a group; and, they all are emanations of the Devi.


It is said; each of her Vidyas is great in its own right. The notions of superiority and inferiority among them should never be allowed to step in. All are to be respected alike. The differences among them are only in their appearances and dispositions. And yet they all reflect various aspects of the Devi.


The might of Kali; the sound-force of Tara; the beauty and bliss of Sundari; the vast vision of Buvaneshwari; the effulgent charm of Bhiravi; the striking force of Chinnamasta; the silent inertness of Dhumavathi; the paralyzing power of Bhagalmukhi; the expressive play of Matangi; and the concord and harmony of Kamalatmika are various characteristics, the distinct manifestations of the Supreme consciousness of the Devi that pervades the Universe.

Dash Mahavidya Kavach is used for all shat-karmas and protection. The bearer of Dash Mahavidya Kavach becomes an extra-ordinary person capable of manifesting anything in this world and the world beyond. It is believed that whoever wears this Dash Mahavidya Kavach becomes victorious everwhere.

Dus Mahavidya Kavach Meaning


ॐ प्राच्यां रक्षतु मे तारा कामरूपनिवासिनी । 
आग्नेय्यां षोडशी पातु याम्यां धूमावती स्वयम् ॥ १॥

Let me  be protected  in the east by  Tara, who lives in Kama Roopa,
Let Shodasi   protect me in the south east  , let dhoomavathi  protect me  in the south.

नैरृत्यां भैरवी पातु वारुण्यां भुवनेश्वरी । 
वायव्यां सततं पातु छिन्नमस्ता महेश्वरी ॥ २॥

Let my south west be  protected by Bhairavi   and the west by Bhuvaneswari
Let my north west be  always protected by  the great goddess.

कौबेर्यां पातु मे देवी श्रीविद्या बगलामुखी ।
ऐशान्यां पातु मे नित्यं महात्रिपुरसुन्दरी ॥ ३॥

Let my  north side be protected  by Goddess  Srividhya called  Bagala mukhi,

Let my north eaat be daily   protected by  Mahtripura  Sundari.

ऊर्ध्वं रक्षतु मे विद्या मातङ्गीपीठवासिनी ।
सर्वतः पातु मे नित्यं कामाख्या कालिका स्वयम् ॥ ४॥

Let my  top be protected  by  the vidhyaa  called Matangi   who sits on the  Pita,
Let my  all  directions   be daily  protected  by Kali  Kamakhyaa  herself.

ब्रह्मरूपा महाविद्या सर्वविद्यामयी स्वयम् ।
शीर्षे रक्षतु मे दुर्गा भालं श्रीभवगेहिनी ॥ ५॥

The   Maha vidhya  who has form of Brahma  and  is pervaded with  SArva vidhyaa  herself,
Let  Durga protect  my head and my forehead be protected by  she who attracts  Shiva.

त्रिपुरा भ्रुयुगे पातु शर्वाणी पातु नासिकाम् ।
चक्षुषी चण्डिका पातु श्रोत्रे निलसरस्वती ॥ ६॥

Let Tripura protect both my eye  brows and Sarvani  protect my nose,
Let Chandika   protect  my eyes and let my ears be protected by Neela Saraswathi.

मुखं सौम्यमुखी पातु ग्रीवां रक्षतु पार्वती ।
जिह्वां रक्षतु मे देवी जिह्वाललनभीषणा ॥ ७॥

Let Goddess   with peaceful face protect my mouth    and Let Parvathi protect my neck,
Let my toungue be protected  by Goddess   and movement of toungue by the fearsome goddess.

वाग्देवी वदनं पातु वक्षः पातु महेश्वरी ।
बाहू महाभुजा पातु कराङ्गुलीः सुरेश्वरी ॥ ८॥

Let the   goddess  of speech protect my face, Let Parvathi protect my abdomen,
Let Maha Buja  protect my hands, Let   Let Goddess of devas protect my fingers of hand.


पृष्ठतः पातु भीमास्या कट्यां देवी दिगम्बरी ।
उदरं पातु मे नित्यं महाविद्या महोदरी ॥ ९॥

Let Bheema protect  my back side and let Goddess dressed with sky  protect my waist,
Let  Mahavidhya   who has a huge stomach , protect daily  my stomach.

उग्रतारा महादेवी जङ्घोरू परिरक्षतु ।  
गुदं मुष्कं च मेढ्रं च नाभिं च सुरसुन्दरी ॥ १०॥

Let  the ferocious star  Maha devi  protect my thighs   and knees,
Let my  anus, testicles and penis as well as belly  be protected by prettiest of Gods.

पादाङ्गुलीः सदा पातु भवानी त्रिदशेश्वरी ।
रक्तमांसास्थिमज्जादीन् पातु देवी शवासना ॥ ११॥

Let  BHavani the goddess of three states    always protect fingers of my feet,
Let the   Goddess who sits   on corpse protect my blood , flesh bones   as well as fat.

महाभयेषु घोरेषु महाभयनिवारिणी ।
पातु देवी महामाया कामाख्यापीठवासिनी ॥ १२॥

Let the goddess   who removes great fear   protect me from   scary  fear,
And let me  be protected ny Maha Maya  who lives in Kamakhyaa peeta.


भस्माचलगता दिव्यसिंहासनकृताश्रया ।
पातु श्रीकालिकादेवी सर्वोत्पातेषु सर्वदा ॥ १३॥

Let her go goes towards  mountain of ash, who depends on throne for her acts,
Who is that Kalika devi  protect   me from all  accidents always.

रक्षाहीनं तु यत्स्थानं कवचेनापि वर्जितम् ।
तत्सर्वं सर्वदा पातु सर्वरक्षणकारिणी ॥ १४॥

To  all those areas where the armour  has left without protection,
Let The Goddess who always protect , all time and all ways protect.


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Published on Jul 18th, 2018

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