Puja For Protection Against Accidents

The Black Magic Removal Anushthan is performed only in an auspicious time by Guruji. The Black Magic Removal Anushthan would involve chanting of powerful Dhumavati mantras (11000), Mahakali Mantras (11000), Baglamukhi mantra (11000) and Vishnu Aaprajita Mantras ( 5100), Bhoot Pret Niavarna Mantra (5100 ), various stotras and tantrokt pujan and a powerful Havan (10%) on the last day. The ritual invokes the Gods & Goddesses and provides blessings to the sponsor or object of the ritual. 

You will be given an auspicious Time by Guruji. You can attend the The Black Magic Removal Anushthan directly by making a call to Guruji on the specified mobile number on the first day. If you are unable to call Guruji we will send you the recording of the ritual on the last  day. (You can  send your picture for this Black Magic Removal puja.)

11000 INR

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Published on Jun 14th, 2018

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