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Famous Baglamukhi Mantras, Stotras and Sadhnas

Famous Baglamukhi Mantras, Stotras and Sadhnasfamous baglamukhi mantras

Bagalamukhi is portrayed as a woman of immense beauty who can transfix anyone. Perhaps her assumed association with crane was merely to highlight her 'deceitful' trait. It is explained; a secret desire to kill resides in hearts of all beings. That concealed desire might many times influence our actions. Bagalamukhi, like the gentle faced crane - the most deceitful of all- personifies that hidden desire to kill.

Bagalamukhi is associated with magical powers. , which sometimes are termed Siddhi or attainments. A particular Siddhi of Bagalamukhi is her magical power of Stambhana the power to transfix, immobilize or paralyze a person into silence. An explanation based in yoga interprets Stambhana as the control over the vital-breaths (prana); and states that Bagalamukhi exercises control over the vital breaths; she enables one to conquer the tongue, which means self-control over greed, speech and taste.

Bagalamukhi or Valgamukhi is a Devi who protects her devotee from the enemies, negative intentions and false illusions.  The Bagalamukhi Devi not only provides protection but also provides the ability to destroy the outcome of any negative event. On the repeated requests of sadhaks some famous links of Baglamukhi mantras, stotras and sadhnas have been listed here for their benefits.

1.Baglamukhi Mala Mantra 
2.Baglamukhi Mantra For Business   
3. Powerful Baglamukhi Mantra Sadhna    
4.Baglamukhi Mantra To Destroy Enemies    
5.Das Mahavidya Kavach    
6.Baglamukhi Ashtotara Shatnaam Stotra      
7.Dash Mahavidya Stotra    
9.Baglamukhi Yantra - How It is Made & Significance
10.Bagalamukhi - Brahmastra Mantra To Get Grace of Mahavidya Bagalamukhi     
11. Ma Bagalamukhi Mahavidya Sadhana Mantra महाविद्या बगलामुखी साधना, विधि, मंत्र           
12.Bagalamukhi - Bagalamukhi Punchkam Narayan Dutt Shrimali     
13.Baglamukhi Varna Kavacham      
14.Baglamukhi - Beej Mantra To Destroy Enemies Narayan Dutt Shrimali     
15.Bagalamukhi - Baglamukhi Gayatri Mantra     
16.Powerful Baglamukhi Kavach To Destroy Enemies बगलामुखी कवच      
17.Shatru Mukh Stambhan Yantra      
18. Mantra To Remove Enemies & Black Magic - Bagalamukhi Mantra बगलामुखि मंत्र

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