Most Powerful Kali Mantra

सर्व शक्तिशाली काली मंत्र   

most powerful kali mantra


This Kali Mantra is very effective and powerful mantra. The Kali Mantra is provided by Gurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali.Life is nothing but a confluence of good and bad. And when one's stars are unfavourable, enmities spring up, enemy minds start working overtime, problems are created in one's life and rumours are spread with an aim to mar one's reputation. Retaliation could get one into further trouble; but there is a way out that is easy as well as effective. 


How To Chant The Most Powerful Kali Mantra

  • To pacify enemies and adversaries, light a holy fire.
  • And then make oblations of a mixture of black pepper seeds, yellow mustard seeds and black sesame seeds.
  • Chanting the following Mantra by concentrating on the picture of Goddess Kali.
  • Do this for 25 minutes for 7 days.
  • Throw the mixture where four roads meet. 
  • And soon enough you shall feel all opposition down.

Most Powerful Kali Mantra

ॐ क्रीं क्रीं क्रीं कालिके क्लीं क्लीं क्लीं सर्व शत्रुणां प्रहारय भंजय मारय विस्फोटय क्लीं क्लीं क्लीं क्रीं क्रीं क्रीं फट् ॥

Om Kreem Kreem Kreem Kalike Kleem Kleem Kleem Sarv Shatrrunaam Praharya Bhanjaya Maraya Visfotya Kleem Kleem Kleem Kreem Kreem Kreem Phat

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Published on Sep 5th, 2013

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