शत्रु नाश  छिन्नमस्ता मंत्र 

Shatru Nash Chhinnamasta Mantra


The Chhinnamasta Mantra is used to destroy the enemies in a quick span of time. This mantra is also a Karya Siddhi Mantra.


Chhinnamasta Worship is mainly performed for getting a son, to remove poverty, to gain wisdom, to destroy enemies and to be a poet.


Chhinnamasta is associated with the concept of self-sacrifice as well as the awakening of Kundalini. Her left foot forward in battle, she holds her severed head and a knife. Naked, she drinks voluptuously the stream of the blood nectar flowing from her beheaded body.


The jewel on her forehead is tied with a serpent. She has three eyes. Her breasts are adorned with lotuses. Inclined towards lust, she sits erect above the god of love, who shows signs of lustfulness. She looks like the red China rose. - Chinnamasta Tantra.


Chhinnamasta is a goddess of contradictions. She symbolises both aspects of Devi: a life-giver and a life-taker. She is considered both a symbol of sexual self-control and an embodiment of sexual energy, depending upon interpretation.


She represents death, temporality, and destruction as well as life, immortality, and recreation. The goddess conveys spiritual self-realization and the awakening of the kundalini – spiritual energy. 


How To Use The Shatru Nash Chhinnamasta Mantra

  • Worship your Guru and Mahavidya Chhinnamasta before chanting the mantra.
  • Start from any day.
  • Lit a Ghee Lamp and face north.
  • Chant 10 minutes of this mantra when needed.
  • This mantra can also be used for Karya Siddhi Purpose. The process is same.

chhinnamasta mantra

Shatru Nash Chhinnamasta Mantra

 Shreeng Hreeng Kleeng Aing Vajra Vairochinayee Hum Hum Phat Swaha
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Published on Sep 18th, 2017

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