Divya Drishti Prapatti Clairvoyance Mantra

दिव्य दृष्टि प्राप्ति मंत्र 

divya drishti mantra


Clairvoyance is divine ability granted only to a few persons in this world. Clairvoyance refers to the paranormal ability to see persons and events that are distant in time or space. Clairvoyance is the perception of contemporary events happening outside of the range of normal perception. 


Clairvoyance is also known as remote sensing, remote perception and telesthesia. There are many ways to get the ability to have clairvoyance. One of the way is perform the mantra sadhna given by a competent Guru. This is a very powerful mantra to get divya drishti and to awaken the chakras of Kundalini.

This Divya Drishti mantra is provided by Gurudev Dr. Naryan Dutt Shrimali. The mantra not only provides Divya Drishti but also opens the doors to Siddhashram, the ultimate spiritual centre of the world. 


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Important: You are Advised to recieve Deeksha or permission from Guruji to get the best results. Follow Some Basic Guidelines To Ensure Success In  Mantra Sadhna. E-Mail us  for any queries or problems related to life. Read FAQs related to sadhnas.

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Published on Mar 15th, 2017

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