Kritya Dhyan Mantra

कृत्या ध्यान एवं मंत्र 

kritya mantra

Kritya is very powerful and sharp destructible energy of the Lord Shiva which is capable of converting anything into ashes within a fraction of seconds. Kritya is even said to be more powerful than Mahavidyas. 


The advanced sadhak can use the Kritya as a weapon to destroy his enemies and negativities surrounding him. The Kritya sadhna should only be done after receiving Kritya Deeksha and should not be done alone in any way. This Dhyan & Mantra is for educational purposes only.

Kritya Dhyanam


"Dhunkar Rupam Dham Dham Dhanedham  Kleem Kleem
Hleemvram Halvam Halev Praam Proomm Pade Poorva
Sadev Krityam Kraam Kreem Krite Kurv Kadev Krityam"

 Kritya Mantra

kritya mantra

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Published on Apr 12th, 2016

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