Shubh Karya Prarambh Pujan

Shubh Karya Prarambh Pujan
शुभ कार्य प्रारम्भ पूजा

A man has to do many important works in his life like purchasing a new home, starting a new business, selling the property, promotion, marriage and many other kinds of important tasks. But sometimes due to unseen obstacles the important work could not have been accomplished. Shubh Karya Prarambh pujan simply is received to start any new work or task with the blessings of deities plus attuning yourself with positive vibrations of accomplishment. As the ritual connects you with the higher frequencies of deities this ritual ensures that you get the blessings of the deities before starting any new important work.

Guruji would perform this ritual with powerful mantras and stutis of Gods & Goddesses. Guruji performs this Shubh Karya Prarambh pujan in an auspicious time only. You can attend this ritual in absentia or via mobile or we can send you the recording. 

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Published on Apr 6th, 2016

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