Surya Deeksha or Sun Initiation

Lord Surya is the lord of life, light and energy. The Lord Sun not only provides the life on planet earth but also removes the negative influences from the atmosphere. Lord Surya is considered to be the eye of Virats Purusha. Lord Surya is the chief of Navagrahas, often depicted riding a chariot harnessed by seven horses. The other names of Lord Surya is Aditya, Mitra, Bhanu and Ravi. Surya is responsible for all life nourishing properties.

The  Surya Deeksha  is simply received to get the blessings of Lord Surya, health and vitality.  Surya Deeksha helps to remove the negative influences of Sun in the natal chart of any person. The Deeksha connects you with the higher frequencies of deities and once invoked deities provide blessings to you. Guruji would provide you a powerful mantra to chant and its authentic procedure. Guruji provides this Surya Deeksha in an auspicious time only. You can attend this Deeksha in absentia or via mobile or we can send you the recording. 

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Published on Dec 23rd, 2015

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