Dhumavati Yantra

Significance of Dhumavati Yantra


Dhumavati Yantra

The upasana of Dhumavati Devi is to be performed during the night. The place for worship is a cemetery where sadhakas should perform, puja bare bodied except for underwear in a lonely place. The Yantra has been very mysterious. Dhoomavati has fat body, fierce eyes, wears dirty clothes, and has dry hair. Due to old age she has a bend in her spinal chord. 


How the Dhumavati Yantra is prepared

  • A sadhaka is to perform one lakh japa on the 4th day of Krishna Paksha (Dark Night) in solitude or in a cremation ground or in the forest.
  • By observing fast and remaining silent the whole day and night.
  • Wear wet clothes and a turban. Homa be performed with ghee.
  • Ten thousand mantras are to be performed for Homa.
  • Further details are available in Maharnab Tantra and Meru Tantra. 
  • The Yantra is used for all round success and spiritual uplift and should be written on Bhooj Patra with Ashat Gand or on gold, silver or copper plate.

Dhumavati Yantra Japa Mantra 

धूं धूं धूमावती ठ:ठ:

"Dhoom Dhoom Dhumavati Tha Tha "

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Published on Sep 5th, 2013

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