Shani Dash Namani Stotra

शनि दश नामानि स्तोत्रं 

Shani Dash Namani

Shani is the Lord of discipline and control. He shows us the truth, and keeps us honest. As the slowest moving planet, Saturn’s tedious eye keeps track of every action that is performed. He admits no shortcuts and no easy ways out of difficult situations. With Saturn’s blessing the limitations of the mind and body are confronted and renovated by persistency and patience.

To calm down the negative effects of the planet in the horoscope , one must recite the following Shani Dash Namani 21 times everyday.


Shani Dash Namani Text


कोणस्थः पिङ्गलो बभ्रुः कृष्णो रौद्रोऽन्तको यमः 

सौरिः शनैश्चरो मन्दः पिप्पलादेन संस्तुतः 

एतानि दश नामानि  प्रातरुत्थाय यः पठेत् .
शनैश्चरकृता पीडा न कदाचिद्भविष्यति 

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Published on Nov 25th, 2015

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