Navaratri Chamunda Yagya And Pujan

नवरात्रि चामुंडा यज्ञ और पूजा ( 20 April 2021)


Chamunda is the symbol of eternal time. Chamunda is the change in nature and willingness to change. Chamunda is consciousness in motion—the overflowing joy that projects, sustains, and withdraws the universe. And her destruction has a dual aspect, she gives birth to new life as the old one fades away in the darkness of death.


The NavaRatri Chamunda Yagya grants power, energy and success in all endeavours of life. The  NavaRatri Chamunda yagya awakens the dormant energies residing in the sadhak or sponsor of the Yagya. Samputith mantras are recited in the Yagya to destroy the enemies & to conquer the enemies. Before starting any war or auspicious work our ancestors used to worship the Chandi or Chamunda. Hence this  NavaRatri Chamunda Yagya is done to pray Goddess Chamunda, especially before starting any new competetive venture/business to get desired results/benefits. ( Note: Tivra Chandi Deeksha will also be provided with this Chamunda Pujan 


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