Pitra Dosh Removal Anushthan (14 Sep- 28 Sep)

पितृ दोष निवारण पूजा 

Pitras are the ancestors who had lived before us and our fore-fathers. There are three types of influence by which Pitras impact our lives which are Pitri Rin,  Pitri Shraap and Pitri Dosha. You can gain more knowledge on this subject by clicking on this link.


The Pitru Dosh Nivaran or Removal Anushthan is performed only in an auspicious time by Guruji. The Pitru Dosh Nivaran Anushthan would involve chanting of powerful mantras, stotras and tantrokt pujan. The ritual invokes the Pitras, Gods & Goddesses and provides blessings to the sponsor or object of the ritual.

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