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Dear Sir.
Pranaam ,I would like to share my experience in Durga Sadhana after taking Deeksha from gurudev. 

I had been searching for a guru for a long time and in this duration I met many so called gurus who were only interested in making money with no knowledge to share. Some were OK but did not had much to give. It is quite hard for me to contact a guru since i live in Fiji, thousands of mile away from India. 

So I took deeksha from Gurudev and the process itself was a divine experience. No guru ever gave this type of deeksha. Actually my confident build right from there. 

I was told to chant the mantra for 42 days and i did so. during my chanting i felt many divine experiences like smell, some lights and balls of lights moving around me. Few times i even felt as if someone was standing beside me and I could feel the shadow was well. 

Most amazing was I had a dream where Ma herself told me that I have been trying to do her sadhana for long time but did not succeed and the reason being the Karmas of my past life, She told me to do some sadhana to get rid of those Karmas and then do her sadhana and I shall be successful. She blessed me and disappeared. I woke up and it was early morning. 

This is what i wish to discuss with gurudev, I called him but i was not able to get him as phone lines had some problem, I will keep trying. 

Thanks for all your and Gurudevs help, support and blessings. 

Respectfully yours.
Amit Prakash 


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Published on Dec 6th, 2014

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