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Rules for Success in Mantras

Hi, This is Sumit Malhotra. Over the years of my experience in the field of mantras I have seen many people with success in mantras whereas there are many who have failed despite how hard they try. The one question that strikes my mind most often is "Why Mantra Sadhna Fails" for most people.


Mantra Sadhna is a science which has never failed for our ancient sages and seers. But nowadays most of the people don't get any success and fail in the mantra sadhna. I have my own personal observations in this field which I have observed over a period of 22 years. These observations may help any beginner in mantra sadhna to have a glimpse of the Golden rules to taste the success early in life.


When I was a child I used to visit Health Club with my father which was called Hanuman Akharas. I was always bewildered when I looked how some people could lift so much weight while I could hardly lift a normal dumbbell. I asked a wrestler how could you lift so much weight. He answered in a friendly tone- "It takes years of regular practice and patience to lift that kind of weights. When you will be grown up you would also be able to do that". Some 15 years after I also started visiting health clubs with my friend and after 6 months of hard training, I was also able to lift that much weight. This was possible only  after regular and consistent practice.

Similarly,  the success in mantras Sadhana can only be achieved after consistent practice and training. Though you need a coach,  right mental attitude,  consistent efforts and a nutritious diet to build the muscles. Similarly one can attain good results in the field of mantras and sadhna if done correctly and keeping other factors in mind. There are some of my personal observations that any sadhak can adopt in his life to get success in Mantra Sadhna.

10 Golden Rules for Success in Mantras

  1. Authentic Mantra and Exact pronunciation- The first step in any mantra sadhna is to get the authentic mantra. The mantra should be flawless. Any mistake in the mantra should not yield favorite results. Furthermore, the mantra should be pronounced correctly in a manner told by the Guru. though Your accent may by different according to your geographical locations. Mantra should be chanted loudly enough so that you can listen to it. Certain mantras can't be chanted in the mind only. The mantra should be chanted while sitting in a proper stature. The sadhak must be sitting in a Sukhasan or Padamasana. Chanting mantras while roaming or doing office work don't get any results. 
  2. Thought free Mind-  An average person thinks nearly 60,000 thoughts per day in his life-time. The mind is like an ocean for a normal person in which the tides keep on showing in one way or another. What happens while one starts mantra, thoughts of different kinds keep popping up on the surface of mind. There comes a storm of thoughts in the mind which sways your conscious mind. Thoughts of near ones, worries of business or profession, thoughts of career, disease, problems keep popping up in the mind. Virtually the sadhak has no control on that tides of thoughts at all. Mantras should  be chanted in a thought free mind. The mind can only be trained after regular practice. Sometimes it takes years to tame it. Nevertheless, the sadhak should make a regular routine to meditate and weed out the thoughts from his mind in a period of time. The mantras work like a thunder-bolt in this calm and no thought mind.
  3. Right Procedure- The mantra sadhna is a science. In Science we should follow a series of instruction to get the desired results. Similarly, the mantra sadhna should be done with the right procedure. But the life-style of the society has become so hectic that people fabricate the mantra sadhna according to their whims and after a trial or two, they fail. There are some sadhnas which can be done only at night but due to lack of time, people do it in the morning or any other time which doesn't provide any results. One should abide to the right procedure as much as he can.
  4. Guru Deeksha- Diksha is a unique and rare process of making the life of a disciple more pure, more enlightened and more successful. Diksha is the foundation of every kind of worship and penance, therefore a Sadhak must always avoid long methods and adopt the easy way. Receiving Diksha is such a way.  Deeksha is a specialized process which connects a disciple with the higher frequencies of deities. Once connected the sadhak is able to get success in mantras and sadhnas. I have seen many devotees who get success in mantras only after getting Deeksha from a competent Guru.
  5. Child like mind state- I have observed over the years that people having child like state of mind are very much successful in the field of mantras. On the contrary,  the people who have logical mind are full of skepticism and they rarely get success in the sadhna. The main reason for their success is the utmost belief in the mantras. The person with the child like mind believe that what he is doing is true and there is no otherwise for him. This factor makes it easy for him to connect with the deities. 
  6. Belief in mantras- The belief in mantra and deity is one of the most important factor which determines the success in sadhnas. A sadhak should try to perform the sadhana of those deities which he loves most. Further,  the authentic mantras should be chanted with utmost belief and devotion. Belief let you choose the right attitude. You might have read about the placebo effects in modern science whereby patients are treated with sugar pills and the patients respond magically. Some patients have even been able to cure their damaged knees and are now walking like any other normal person. Belief is a choice which sets the path to success. 
  7. Same Time Everyday & Balanced Food- There seems to be a connection between the biological clock of the universe with the success of mantras. When I started practicing meditation,  I was not consistent with the timings. But I found out quickly that practicing the meditation at the same time helped me tremendously. Not only I was able to connect with my source easily I also got success in connecting with the higher frequencies of the universe. Any beginner in the Mantras should keep the same time for the Mantra Sadhna everyday and should adhere to it. The quality and quantity of the food we consume has a greater impact on the quality and duration of the Mantra Sadhna. The sadhak who consumes less and selective food are able to manifest their mantra Sadhna easily. Further, one should also have sound and balanced sleep. Practicing Yoga for 30-40 minutes also helps to get the right attitude and keeps the mind under control. 
  8. Surrender- Surrender is the key factor in receiving the grace of Gods and Goddesses. Surrender not only relieves the sadhak from the worries and depression,  it also creates a stronger bond with Deities. I have seen many sadhakas who practice the Surrender in their daily life and every activity of them is filled with fun and enlightenment. This factor is also one of my favorite aspect.  I thank God as much as I can and surrender at the time of difficulties. This aspect makes me free from any negative emotions and feelings. 
  9. Secrecy- The mantras should be kept secret.  Boasting about the Siddhi of mantra among your circle increases the ego of the individual which may hamper his next success level in mantras. I have seen many sadhakas indulging in this kind of practice and never getting any success in future sadhnas. The mantra should only be give to right person and at a right time.
  10. Karmas & Prarabdh- Karmas play most important role in getting success in mantra Sadhna. Karmas determine the fruit of sadhna. Karmas may be past life karmas or the present life karmas. Without the good karmas how hard may one try cannot get success in any mantra Sadhna irrespective of the repetition of sadhna. I have seen some sadhak who gets success in their first effort whereas there are many who in spite of their profound knowledge fails dozens of time. 

Now, I suggest to take a pen and paper. Evaluate your score be giving 10 marks to each of the Golden Rules. Let's see what is your score...

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Published on Nov 23rd, 2014

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