Guidelines For Attaining Mastery in Mantras

How Mantra works ?



Mantra is a projection of cosmic sound. Mantra is the principle of vibration born out of the conjunction of Siva and Shakti. The mantra is the law of attraction. Mantra is the Primordial Energy, which is latent Within the letters of the mantras or mystic syllables.  Mantra is a mystic sound combination composed of Sanskrit letters, a simple mantra consists of 'atomic' monosyllabic sounds such as Krim, Hrim, Shrim, Aim, and more complex mantras are composed of a sequence of such syllables.


Mantra is a complete set of words from the Vedas attrributed to the deities or Devas. Mantras have come down to us from our Maharishis, saints, Sadhus and yogis who after recitation of Mantras for several thousand years guided us to follow those mantras. Mantras are single or strung together syllables.

Mantras are used in Tantrik sadhanas or rituals, whispered or chanted in different combinations and contexts, selling up patterns of vibrations. One must learn lo pronounce them properly as well as to understand their meaning. Hindus believe that god, good health, good fortune and victory over one's enemies can be attained by chanting the right mantra. According to the Puranas, Shastras and Maharishis, Mantra is the only way to attain one's desires, provided one recites mantras with complete faith and the prescribed methods and rules. The recitation of words of mantras should be pure and correct in order to create the right vibrations.

Mantra sadhana is very difficult. If during practice some drawbacks remain, it can inflict losses. Without faith and belief, such practice should be avoided. Guidance of a competent Guru or preceptor is quite necessary to attain success.


How Mantras are Useful


All our problems are self-created. Usually they are the outcome of our Karmas and the reasons can be checked from the individual Horoscope. One's subconscious mind can help to find the solution through meditation and recitation of Mantras.

Life is a complex combination of incidents and accidents. So, the question that comes into mind…..Can we use MANTRAS AND TANTRAS in the right way to derive benefits out of them so as to solve or eliminate the incidents and accidents ? Yes, these can be avoided or solved by the right use of right Mantras.

Purity of thoughts, words and deeds, sincerity and deep seated belief in repeating mantras systematically and without any stress or strain on the brain or body, are the key-notes for the efficacy of Mantras. Concentrate and meditate without having any of your problems and desires in mind. The Mantra should be recited softly so as to be audible only to the person concerned and not to others. Mantras should be recited in a pleasing musical tone which will help in concentration.

Continuous sadhana will enable the sadhaka to find solutions to the problems, attaining peace of mind and reducing mental strain. The Mantras must be recited as they are. Any addition or alteration in the Mantra must be avoided. If distorted or recited incorrectly, the power of the mantra is lost and it ceases to have the desired beneficial effect.


Guidelines for Sadhaka


A sadhaka is the person who recites the Mantras, meditates and performs all the rites to attain sidhi “mastery” through Mantras.
The sadhaka should observe some rules and regulations very strictly while practicing Mantra Shakti.

The following guidelines are provided for the Sadhaka:-

  • Get the mantra diksha from a competent Guru.
  • Get the mantra from the Guru.
  • Start the mantra sadhana on an auspicious time.
  • Enchant the mantra on the same time everyday for quick success.
  • Complete faith and unconditional love backed by a clear heart towards the deity is required for Sadhana.
  • Do not start Mantra Recitation under any pressure.
  • Trust in God, Cosmic love, kindness and patience should be the virtues of a Sadhaka.
  • Avoid harsh speech, lust, anger, restless thoughts, evil company and egoism
  • Do not gel emotional.
  • Mantras on hearsay should be avoided .
  • Sadhana without any specific aim bears fruits early.
  • In case you see any miracle, do not fear. 
  • Keep your will power strong and continue your Sadhana. All troubles will vanish.
  • Brahmacharya or celibacy should be observed during sadhana.
  • In case of failure, do not lose heart. Try it again and again and you will be crowned with success.

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Published on Sep 5th, 2013

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