Krishna Mantra To Get Fame Name and Success

यश-वृद्धि और सफलता प्राप्ति का मंत्र

Krishna Mantra For Fame Name


There are some time period in life when we want to be famous with good reputation and at the same times want success. How hard may we try but it seems a difficult task to achieve. Whereas some people in the society or in family get these aspects of life easily without any efforts. Though it can be according to our Karmas yet it can be change with the help of this Krishna Mantra.


How To Chant The Krishna Mantra For Fame Name & Success

  • This Krishna Sadhna is performed for name, fame & success.
  • This sadhna can only be started day after amavasya.
  • Wear yellow clothes for this purpose.
  • Worship Lord Krishana with incense & Flowers.
  • Lit a pure ghee lamp before the Lord Krishna.
  • Chant 5 rosaries of this mantra with Sphatik rosary.
  • Complete this sadhana on the Poornima or Full moon day.
  • Wear that rosary before going to any important work.

krishna mantra name fame success

Krishna Mantra For Fame Name

"Om Kam Sarvodhyam Kreem Om Phat"

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Published on Nov 7th, 2014

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