Signs of Tantrik Prayog

तंत्र बाधा के संकेत 

Signs of Tantrik Prayog


Tantrik prayogs are not easy  to perform but nowadays corrupt people and charlatans have become Tantriks. These people don't  have  the capability to do good and guide the people but just to fill their coffers they perform Tantrik Prayog on other innocent people.


As a result the entire family  of the affected person is destroyed slowly. The person or family faces loss of wealth, health and peace. Termination of services, break-up in the family and even premature death are some of the signs of Tantrik Prayog.

Signs of Tantrik Prayog

  • You are continuously ill and are not getting well even after the medication.
  • You are continuously tensed, nurture suicidal thoughts and think of leaving house  and family.
  • You are not able to construct your own house, are not able to get new land or construction work stops in the middle without  any reason.
  • Your  child remain unhealthy even after good treatment, or is weak in studies and his mental progress  is insufficient.
  • Somebody remains ill in the family in spite of good  medication or the doctors feel incapable  of detecting the disease.
  • Even  after many years of marriage if there is no issue, and if medically there  is no sexual deficiency then the tantrik prayog has been performed.
  • There are continuous abortions or children die soon after the birth.
  • If the young member of the family dies all of a sudden then the "Mooth" has been used.
  • You have acquired a new house but are facing problems and troubles after shifting into it.
  • The number of enemies increases without reason and even those whom you have  helped turn against you.
  • You are a joyous person but all of a sudden have turned gloomy, depressed and have lost all desire for success and rise in life.
  • If brothers become enemies without any reason and all efforts to bring them together  fail, and if misunderstandings go on increasing then the tantrik prayog has been performed.
  • Wife husband don't see eye to eye and the conjugal life is full of tensions and conflicts.
  • You have not been successful even after a considerable age, you are facing obstacles on every front and you haven't got due success in life.
  • You are facing problems from senior officials despite your efforts misunderstanding persist between you and senior officials, promotions don't come your way and you are not getting transfer of your choice.
  • If suddenly the business slackens, if your earnings are dropped and if you all your hard work brings naught the tantrik prayog has been performed.

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Published on Oct 4th, 2014

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