Bhagyoudhay or Good Luck Anushthan

भाग्योदय अनुष्ठान


Good Luck AnushthanThe Anushtan increase the good luck of the sponsor. The Anushthan consist of powerful Ganesh Lakshmi and Kuber mantras and stotras. The Anushtan can be arranged for success in every endeavor and in life as a whole.

Luck is considered to be an influence that seems to make good things happen to people for no particular reason. Luck is greater than skills and intelligence and abilities. I have seen many people in life who are able, intelligent and deserving in life, but for certain factors they cann’t reach the upper ladders of success. On the contrary there are many who are average person having lesser skills and abilities but they are on the higher ladders of success. They got the high paying jobs, have excellent businesses, have more riches and are enjoying life wonderfully.

The question that comes in to one’s mind is how to get good luck in life? Is there any way to have that golden ray in the darkness of life. The good luck is simply the result of your previous Karmas in this or your previous life. Your Karmas determine your destiny whether good or bad. Good Karmas leads to Good Luck. The examples of good Karmas is helping people, donating to poor, participating in social welfare activities etc. but one of the most important factor in getting the good luck is Ritual, Mantra chants, Sadhnas, fire ceremonies and blessings from the Guru.


Benefits Good Luck Anushthan

  • Good luck ritual ensures success in every area of life.
  • Though hard work or smart work is an essential ingredient in the formulae of success but good luck is no way a comparison to anything.
  • In Vedas and Puranas, it has been highly stressed that without “Daiv” or good fortune a person cannot do good in life.
  • More opportunities, excellent business, high paying jobs, promotions, wonderful married life, obedient son, trouble free life and enlightenment are some of the examples of Good Luck in life.
  • In the “Devi Bhagwat”, it has been clearly told by Goddess Durga that it is because of good luck that any person can excel in life and lack of it leads to miseries.

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Published on May 20th, 2014

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