Baglamukhi Mantra Prayog For Enemies

शत्रु नाशक बगलामुखी मंत्र 

Shatru Nash Baglamukhi Mantra


Baglamukhi mantra Prayog is a sadhana nonparalell if you have to constantly face dangers, enemies and adversities in life. Baglamukhi mantra sadhna is a very good sadhana for every one especially for armed forces and police personnel, lawyers, judges, sportsmen etc. Adversaries fear the very name of siddhi of Baglamukhi and he or she gains fame, wealth and reputation through his/her daringness.


How To Chant The Shatru Nash Baglamukhi Mantra 

  • Wear yellow clothes and sit facing North on a yellow Mat.
  • On a wooden plank spread a yellow cloth.
  • Place over it Bagalamukhi Yantra.
  • Light a ghee lamp and chant 18 rounds of this Mantra with Yellow Hakeek Rosary.

Shatru Nash Baglamukhi Mantra

       Om Hleem Hleem Shatru-naashaay Phat

ॐ ह्लीं ह्लीं शत्रु नाशाय फट् ॥

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Published on Sep 2nd, 2013

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