Ugra Dhoomavati Prayog To Remove Tantra

तंत्र दूर करने के लिए उग्र धूमावती मंत्र 

Ugra Dhumavati mantra


Dhumavati is described as a giver of siddhis  (supernatural powers), a rescuer from all troubles, and a granter of all desires and rewards, including ultimate knowledge and moksha (salvation). Her worship is also prescribed for those who wish to defeat their foes. Dhumavati is described as a great teacher, one who reveals ultimate knowledge of the universe. Her ugly form teaches the devotee to look beyond the superficial, to look inwards and seek the inner truths of life.

Wrong use of Tantra or a Tantra Prayog by some enemy can cause poverty, disease, quarrels and even death in the family. One very potent way of preventing or remedying this is Ugra Dhoomavati Prayog. This Sadhna is a very simple and effective sadhna to get rid of all evils and negativity from life.


"How To Chant The Ugra Dhoomavati Mantra "

  • Sit on a black mat facing South.
  • On a wooden plank draped with black cloth place Ugra Dhoomavati Yantra.
  • Offer Kaajal on it. Chant this Mantra 65 minutes.
  • The day after throw the Yantra in a river or pond. 
  • This practice shows immediate effect and very soon you would be free from all such evil effects.
  •  For Continuous Grace of Dhoomavati You can chant 4 Rounds of this mantra everyday.

 Ugra Dhoomavati Mantra

Dhoom Dhoom Dhoomavati Tantra Baadhaam Stambhay Naashay Tthah Tthah

धूं धूं धूमावती तंत्र बाधां स्तम्भय नाशय ठः ठः 

Dhoomavati Mantra:

Dhoom Dhoom Dhoomavati Tthah Tthah

धूं धूं धूमावती ठः ठः

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Published on Sep 2nd, 2013

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