Mantra For Wealth Money and Prosperity

श्री, धन और लाभ के लिए श्री कृष्ण मंत्र

Krishna Mantra For Wealth Money & Prosperity

Lord Krishna is the eight incarnation of God Vishnu. Lord Krishna is the only avatar or incarnation of Supreme God Vishnu who is termed as purna or full incarnation. Worshipping Lord Krishna invokes higher frequencies in the sadhaka and helps attaining every desired goals in life. This Krishna Mantra is practiced especially for getting wealth, money & prosperity.


How To Chant The Krishna Mantra For Wealth Money & Prosperity

  • Start From Monday facing north.
  • Wear yellow clothes for this purpose.
  • Lit a pure ghee lamp in front of Lord Krishna.
  • Worship the Lord Krishna with incense & flowers.
  • Chant 4 rosary of this mantra everyday.
  • Do this mantra for consecutive 10 days to get the divine grace of Lord Krishna.

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Krishna Mantra For Wealth Money & Prosperity

"Om Shreem Namah: Shri Krishnay Paripurantamay Swaha"

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Published on Jan 7th, 2014

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