Kamala Mantra

कमला महाविद्या मंत्र 


Mahavidya Kamla Mantra

Goddess Kamala is the personified energy of Lord Vishnu and a companion in all the divine activities of MahaVishnu. Her worship in reality is the worship of Shakti (Power) the root cause of the existence of this world. Without her blessings a man's life becomes full of misfortune and miseries. Not only the humans but also the deities, the demons, the Gandharvas (Supernatural celestial beings) are eager to have her favors and blessings. 

Goddess Kamala is the most powerful goddess to make you rich in very short perod , you can get rid of misfortune and even a poor , unfortunate can reach highest of material success by doing the sadhna of this Goodess It remove the malefic effects of planet Venus ( Shukra) and by doing this sadhna with full devotion it cannot fail to produce it effects.


How To Chant The Mahavidya Kamla Mantra

  • Start from wednesday facing north.

  • On a steel plate with vermilion. On it place Kamala Yantra or the picture of Kamala.

  • Light incense and ghee lamp.

  • Offer vermilion, rice grains, sweets and flowers on the Yantra or the picture of Kamala.

  • Pray to the Goddess for fulfilment of your wishes.

  • Chant 21 rosaries of the mantra in one day to get the divine grace of Mahavidya Kamala.

  • After the Sadhna , offer some gifts to girls.

Mahavidya Kamla Mantra

ॐ ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं ह् सौः जगतप्रसूत्यै नमः ॥
Om Aing Hreem Shreem Kleem Ha Sauh: Jagat Prasutayee Namah:

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Published on Sep 14th, 2013

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