Guru Moti Lal ji

Growing up in a spiritual environment, under the strict guidance of his Guru Nikhileshwaranand Ji and surrounded by mahatmas and devotees, Guru Moti Lal ji has been instrumental in providing solutions to many devotees in the world. Guru Moti Lal ji is one of the famous authorities on the applications of Sanskrit & Shabar Mantras to life's problems.  He is a spiritual scientist and an evolved spiritual guide helping others with his profound knowledge and vast experiences. 

One of the highest blessings that you can receive from God while living on earth is meeting a True Spiritual Master. It is like finding your second mother, for a Master is the One through whom you will be born into the higher world.

A True Master will teach you the exact divine science, the exact spiritual technology, the exact celestial knowledge which will allow you to connect with and experience the highest, purest wisdom in this universe. He will transmit to you the nourishing fire that gives the strength to act upon everything in nature. He will give you the golden key that opens the gate of mystery. By working with a True Master, a person can experience direct connection with the Spirit of God, and the unseen realm, so that one may receive unimaginable celestial treasures and the spiritual knowledge of all natural things.

Guru Moti Lal Ji was born on 1st March 1963 in the city of Batala (Punjab). After completing his education he joined Indian Air Force in 1982. But his total interest was in the mystic power of mantras. In 1987 he left the Indian Air Force job and reached the Ashram of his Guru Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali where he served his Guru for months in the Ashram. He took many Deekshas from his Guru like Surya Deeksha, Shiv Pratyakshikaran Deeksha, Dush Mahavidya Deeksha, Shambvi Deeksha, Hanuman Deeksha, Brahmavarchasav Deeksha, Shabar Deeksha, Siddashram Prapati Deeksha, Sarv Dev Pratyakshikaran Deeksha, Sachidanand Deeksha, Sahaktipat Deeksha and many more. But it was Shatopanthi Deeksha that changed his life drastically. In this Deeksha, he felt divine energy entering his body and everything started to manifest in different ways.

Guru Moti Lal ji has many spiritual experiences in life. He has the gift of pronouncing the mantras very correctly. Once his Guru told him that he has all the ‘kalas’ of Saraswati in him. Guru Moti Lal ji has been researching the field of mantras for almost 27 years and has found very effective mantas that can produce speedy results. It seems that mantras & stotras come out of him with ease and authenticity. He has been doing rituals for other people for almost 10 years to bring the desired results. His disciples and devotees are in every country getting services from him and solving their problems.


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Published on Sep 2nd, 2013

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