Rituals Anushthan and Fire Ceremonies

Rituals, Anushthan & Fire Ceremonies


You can schedule specific rituals, anushthan and special fire ceremonies in absentia conducted by Guru Moti Lal Ji. The ceremonies are for the fulfillment of specific desires and to remove certain problems in life. Benefit of the ritual flow to the person who has sponsored the ritual or is the object of the ritual. The rituals may be done for business growth, employment opportunities, health reasons, black magic, navagraha doshas, family concerns, marital problems, enemy problems and so on.


Method of performing Rituals, Anushthan & Fire ceremonies

You can contact at the specified email id for the purpose of ritual.  After contacting, you will be given directions to proceed further. Guruji provides option of attending the ritual via mobile or you will be provided the  audio recordings of the ritual. The rituals normally takes one to three hours depending upon the kind of ritual or anushthan.

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Published on Sep 9th, 2013

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